Keeping Up With the Times

So I thought I would share with you all about my 83 year old grandfather, who I like to refer to as "Papaw". He is definitely one of the smartest men I know and can fix ANYTHING. He was a HAMM radio operator for years, (something I found to be extremely cool when I was a little girl), an expert mechanic and has always kept up with the latest in technology.

He has been an active internet user for a couple years now and I have always enjoyed e-mailing back and forth with him. Today I was thrilled to receive a Facebook "Friend Request" from none other than Gerald Lacy, my very own Papaw!

Now I have heard people my own age express their concerns over not being able to learn to use Facebook and how they think technology is progressing too quickly. Some people complain that everyone is turning to e-mail and social media as their primary means of communication rather then calling or sending real letters anymore (remember those handwritten things we all used to send that required postage stamps?!)

And though I agree wholeheartedly that nothing can ever replace a handwritten "Thank You" note or Birthday Card (I am a Southern girl, after all), I am a firm believer in changing with the times and using technology to our advantage. And so is Papaw.

He inspires me daily with his eagerness to learn new things and his willingness to use the internet and social media. He is completely unintimidated by new technology and I truly believe that this is what has kept him so sharp. I have no doubt that Papaw will be the most popular guy on Facebook in no time!

Let us not be afraid to try new things and enjoy the tools of modern times. I am only 24 and admit that even I am intimidated sometimes, but I feel it's essential to understand how the internet works these days. Hence my reason for starting this blog.

So here's to you Papaw, for showing us all how it's done!