Happy Birthday Papaw!

Ok, I have to get a little mushy-gushy today, so bear with me : )

Tomorrow, Saturday, August 1, 2009 my sweet Papaw turns 85 years young!

Papaw, (or Gerald, as he's known to his friends), is my dad's dad and one of the best men to ever walk the face of this beautiful world. Papaw has the energy, wit and sharpness that rivals most 25 year olds I know. He is an expert mechanic with over 65 years of experience and people from all over the state of AR (and beyond) still call him to this VERY day when their cars break or they have an electrical question.

Papaw reads constantly, watches television, enjoys his computer and, for the past year, has been exploring the Internet. He recently even joined Facebook to keep up with his family and numerous friends from church. He truly is one of those people that believes you have to change with the times. I know this is what has kept him so sharp all these years.

Most importantly, Papaw has been an amazing role model for all of us grandchildren. He is a very strong Christian man and has been my Memaw's husband for well over 50 years (a task she'll even tell you, can be a challenge sometimes! Haha!).

So this one is for you Papaw...may your special day tomorrow be filled with happiness, laughter and lots of buttercream frosting. Love, Leslie.

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