Adventures of the High Heel Mafia: Part 6

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For reference: Black text= Leslie; Teal text= Dee
Oh me, oh my… Our favorite day of the week hath arrived…

So very happy we are mere hours away from the start of the weekend. Do ya’ll have big plans?

Our post today is all about the men we love. Rather, the famous men we love. Particularly those on the silver screen.

What can we say? We are shameless and self-indulgent. That’s just how we roll.

So without further adieu, here are the leading men that make us act like 13 year olds:

1) Johnny Depp- Dee is laughing at me…she knew this would be my first pick. I remember seeing him in Edward Scissor Hands and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? and thinking, “hmmm…he’s…cute…I think…” But it wasn’t until Blow that I truly realized the rare hotness of Mr. Depp. I mean really, ever in the history of drug lords and pirate captains and Mad Hatters was there a more attractive fellow? I think not.

2) Billy Crudup- Leslie knew I would have him on my list. We both love, love, love the movie Almost Famous. Billy plays the elusive, interview dodging lead guitarist, Russell Hammond, in the rock band Stillwater. You know how we enjoy our bad boy musicians...

3) Aaron Eckhart- Dunno what it is about this guy, but ever since Erin Brockovich, I’ve had a wee little crush. I think he just seems so genuine and endearing and, well, manly. Like he could fix your flat tire or build cabinets from matchsticks. And let’s not kid ourselves…that smile? Get outta town.

4) Taye Diggs- You may know him as Dr. Sam Bennett in Private Practice but when he first smiled at Stella in How Stella Got Her Groove Back, I understood why she took a chance on the guy that was half her age. That smile of his would make a woman of any age go weak in the knees.

5) Ryan Gosling- I know everyone fell for him in The Notebook, (and rightfully so), but it was the indie flick Half Nelson that did it for me. I’m a sucker for a “deep thinker/tortured soul” kind of guy, and his gritty and honest performance in that movie that had me hooked on Ryan.

6) Joseph Fiennes- Yes, he played William Shakespeare in Shakespeare in Love and is currently on the small screen in Flash Forward, but it was love at first sight when I saw him in The Very Thought of You. He also has a lovely English accent, which adds to his deliciousness. And Ralph Fiennes is his older brother, so apparently hotness runs in the family.

7) Gael Garcia Bernal- You may or may not know his name, but I guarantee you’ll remember his face. Gael hails from Mexico and we all know how I feel about those Latin boys... He appeared in several foreign films before hitting the states for parts in movies like Babel and Blindness. His pale green eyes and thick accent will probably work their magic on you, too.

8) John Cusack- I don’t really know when my crush on Mr. Cusack started but it had to be sometime during the 80s. Yes, many a girl fell hard when he blasted “In Your Eyes” from his boombox in Say Anything. I just think he’s gotten more handsome over the years. He’s not the blockbuster movie type, which I think adds to his appeal. I adore High Fidelity and Grosse Pointe Blank.

9) Bradley Cooper- I don’t know what to say about The Coop. There really are no words. Does anyone else remember that opening scene in The Hangover where he’s standing there dirty, a little beat-up and wearing those amazing aviator sunglasses, looking ever-so-sexy? I fell in love at that moment, split lip and all.

10) Alex O'Loughlin- You may not have seen him yet but this stud is worth getting to know. Currently in The Back-up Plan with J. Lo, he first caught my eye in the short lived TV series Moonlight where he played a mortal-friendly vampire. This fall he’s starring in the new version of Hawaii Five-0. Did I mention he’s Australian? And this Southern girl LOVES an Aussie accent.

Wow, I cannot believe we dedicated an entire post to our moviestar crushes. How very Tiger Beat Magazine of us.

I must say it was very stressful coming up with this list. It wasn’t hard to think of five hot boys. It was hard to narrow down my list to five hot boys.

Tough, but someone has to do it. So it's your turn now, ladies. Do tell…which men of the big screen makes your heart go pitter-patter?

Be blessed, lovelies-



  1. Super fun post... and the eye candy????!?!? Delicious.

    Well, I am quite in touch with my inner 13-year-old girl and am madly in love with Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen. Sigh. So lame. I know. I can't help it.

    I recently acquired the hots for Mr. Cooper- just posted about him today too! I also had a thing for Chris O'Donnell back in the day (thanks to Fried Green Tomatoes). Christian Bale, James Franco (sometimes), Josh Lucas, Matthew McCounaghy (in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days...).

    And Depp in Blow... yeah. Wow. And the Fiennes brothers. Great post!!!

    Happy Friday!

  2. Ryan Gosling...HECK TO THE YEAH. And the Depster goes without saying!

  3. Great list..very Tiger Beat indeed, but there's nothing wrong with man-candy on a Friday! Lurve it!

  4. Tayye Diggs - YUM.

    What a fun topic! I would add Mark Harmon (aka Leroy Jethro Gibbs from NCIS). Sigh ...

  5. mmmmmm good list, girl! Goooooood list! :)

  6. Great list, I LOVE Johnny Depp! And that picture of him has to be my favorite, haha.

  7. Those are some great looking men, nice list! Drool.

  8. I love this... John C, Mr. Diggs and Bradley make me weak in the knees. ox

  9. Um, hello eye candy. Lovely. Did you accidently forget Paul Walker?!? {Smile.} I know, he's a terrible actor, but he is so pretty.


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