Oooh La Lo

Hey beauties! I missed you guys yesterday, but I was super busy and just didn't have time to blog. I hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend though. Did you guys do anything exciting?

Before I get to the point of this post, (which, as you know, takes me forever and two days), can I please express my excitement over SATC II coming out Thursday?! Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte...oh my!

Dee and I will be attending opening night (in our new dresses, yeay!) and going out for cosmos and lemon drops afterward, in true Sex and the City style. This truly is the woman's Superbowl.

Now while we impatiently await Thursday's opening night, let's talk about my latest love, Lo Boheme.

Lo Boheme is an exquisite online store that specializes in unique custom accessories for special events, weddings and everyday wear. Lo Boheme is a collaborative effort of husband-wife team Josh and Lauren (Lo) Christensen who reside in San Diego, California.

As it says on their website, "The Lo Boheme aesthetic is inspired by the details of eras past; whether it be French Bohemianism of the late 1800's, the detailed lines of the Art Nouveau movement, or the glamor of Old Hollywood."

I think what I personally loved most about Lo Boheme was that everything is wonderfully vintage-inspired, but modern and funky enough to wear with today's trends. I mean, how precious does that feathered hairpiece above look with jeans? So cute and SO inspiring, (I think I know what I'm wearing this weekend!)

Also, for all you soon-to-be-brides out there, these pieces, (like either of the options below), would be a wonderful, fuss-free alternative to the uber-long veil.

What about it? Are you lusting for Lo, too?

Photo creds: Lo Boheme


  1. I love those yellow bridesmaids dresses. Yellow is such a delicate color. Love it.

  2. LOVE. Especially that last veil - beautiful!

  3. What amazing pieces! Going to have to put this in my file of fun things. I wonder how expensive they are?


  4. hi leslie! i just stumbled accross your blog and i've gotta say... i LOVE it! and i LOVE lo boheme! beautiful!

  5. The headpieces are stunning! So pretty. And I love the bridesmaids dresses - yellow is so summery.

    ♥ DaniĆ«lle

  6. I love those hairpieces!
    O, and I really like your blog too, immediatly decided to follow it :)


  7. Oh it is so gorgeous, what a pretty find and I love their photography and models too!

  8. All of those pieces are fab! Thanks for the links.

  9. What a gorgeous find. They're pieces are amazing. I'm not seeing the Super Bowl until Sat...ahhhhhhh!


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