Trend Watch Wednesday: Romper Room

Hi, hey and hello…it’s Trend Watch Wednesday, ya’ll. Ok, a couple of things before we go for a “romp”, (sorry, I just can’t resist a good pun.)

1. A Blonde Ambition officially hit 500 followers last night! I'm stunned and overjoyed that so many of you guys actually read this blog...thank you, thank you for your loyalty and support!

2. Congrats to the lovely Emily for winning the JBrand jeggings giveaway. I’m super jealous and came thisclose to keeping them for myself. But alas, I am generous and kind and way too pure of heart to do such a thing. So Em, enjoy your pants.

3. Do you listen to The Dead Weather? They are Jack White’s latest genius project and they have a new album out called Sea of Cowards that is definitely worth a listen. I've had it on repeat on the iPod all week long at work, which has kept me both sane and productive. I saw them live a couple weeks ago and it was insanity. In a good way.


-Blue Blood Blues

-Die by the Drop

-The Difference Between Us


Now, let’s talk rompers.

I’ve gotten a few emails lately from you guys asking what I thought about the romper trend. Well, since you asked…

1) "Would you wear a romper?"

Yes, I would. In fact, I own a couple, but it hasn’t been warm enough here to wear them just yet. Since I don’t believe in spending a fortune on Über-trendy pieces, both of mine came from Forever 21. I promise, these will be out of style by next summer, so you might not want to make a huge investment on this look.

2) "What types of bodies do these work best for?"

Definitely those with petite or lean bodies or an hourglass shape. These bods tend to pull of the boxy shape of the romper a bit better. And, if your legs are your best asset, by all means, go for it. Pear shapes should probably avoid this trend, as most of the volume of the romper is around the hip/thigh area. Instead, opt for separates: a great pair of shorts and a voluminous top (think ruffles on the collar or blouson styles.)

3) "Biggest gripes about the romper trend?"

I’m going to be totally frank here: These will be a real witch to wear if you’re going to be peeing a lot. Like, you’ll basically have to undress to go to the bathroom. Unless you can find a romper that snaps at the crotch. But that would be weird.

4) "Can I wear flats with a romper?"

Honey, you can wear snow skis if your heart so desires. Just make sure you keep the leg line long (read: avoid flats with ankle straps). And please, no Uggs.

5) "Will rompers be the new maxi dress? Meaning, are we going to look back and think “ewww”?"

In a word, no. Because rompers are semi-cute and actually do things for a woman’s body. I’m going to stand up and preach for a quick sec: Maxi dresses are the enemy of the feminine shape, ladies. Comfortable though they might be, a maxi dress is the easiest way to ensure that no man within a 50 mile radius turns his head in your direction. Rompers are short, sweet and playful; two things the dreaded M-dress isn’t. They might go out of style, but they won’t make you want to delete your summer pics on Facebook.

6) "Recommendations for cute rompers? I can’t seem to find any that I like in stores."

Fear not, the World Wide Web has you covered. My faves I’ve seen so far are:

-Strapless Skort Romper- BCBG Max Azria

-Charisse Romper- Twenty8Twelve

Thanks for the questions and keep em’ coming. You don’t know how excited I become when I see your emails. I’m not a fashion expert by any stretch of the imagination, but if this helps one woman to pass on that maxi dress at Nordstrom, then my job is done.

Do you plan to try the romper this summer? Or will you stick to shorts and a top? Pray tell.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Congratulations on 500 followers!!! I might just have to break down and buy a romper, even though I'm most worried about the peeing issue! However, I argue that I still love my maxi dress!

  2. Cute post Leslie. I am gonna try the romper. Love your images to the post. The top romper is my fave, love the colorful stripes.


  3. thank you thank you thank you so much again. my info is coming via email! ((and yes, im a big fan of rompers!!)) have a great end to the work week!

  4. Still not sure about the romper!! I might get an inexpensive one like you did because they do look super comfy and I like the idea of a one piece outfit-kind of like a dress but not. I distinctly remember having one when I was 10 and a few in college. They probably weren't trendy-I just didn't know how to dress.

  5. Congrats on your followers, that's awesome! I also completely agree with everything you said...well wrote. I love rompers, but they suck to pee, will probably not be here next summer, and the maxi dress is horrible- I never got into it. Have a great day!

  6. i LOVE the rompers (that was actually going to be my fashion friday post!!). and i splurged on the new Lilly Pulitzer romper. i'm in love!

  7. I think they are cute but not for this mama! I need much more coverage!

  8. Congratulations on the 500 followers!!
    What a great post! Rompers are definitely too cute! If I was about 20 years younger, I would be all over them!

  9. Congrats on 500 followers! That's awesome! I love the rompers...I tried on a few yesterday but they did not look too good. I hope I find one I like because I think they are too cute!

  10. Love the romper look, and you're right about going to the bathroom...it's definitely a pain! Also agree with buying them on the cheap - it's a trend, and won't be here forever! xxSAS

  11. Hey sweet Leslie, I feel like such a bad friend for not being able to visit you more often!! I have been swamped with work and some sensitive family things and have not had the time to visit like I love to. First off, super congrats on your 500 followers, you deserve thousands more! Second, the rompers are darling and you my dear I am certain would look like even more of a doll in one than anyone I know! Please know you are always in my thoughts when I don't get to stop by more frequently. You are such a gem xoxox

  12. um i LOVE rompers..but yeah. being drunk in one in the bathroom line is always fun!

    forever has adorbs ones..and lulus and asos. as much as i love the ones at bloomies..400 could go towards a classic piece

  13. Congrats on your follower milestone! I'm smitten with rompers, but that pesky bathroom dilemma keeps me from them!

  14. I am sticking to the shorts and top route... and no Maxi Dress will I touch - promise!

  15. No rompers for me, but I do think they are darling! Thanks for explaining the body types, that was very thoughtful to me!

  16. I LOVE the romper and have a few in my closet! They are completely comfortable and cute! You can dress them up or down. Perfect for a summer beach cruiser ride. PS - the peeing situation is no fun in these :) -jami


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