London Fog

Welcome back from the weekend...can somebody please lie to me and tell me it's not Monday already?

Anyway, pish-posh. Another weekend will be upon us in just a few days, so until then, let's just enjoy the beautiful week ahead. After all, it's finally May and this girl is very excited about seeing some sun.

So, because I've never been good at quickly getting to the point, a couple of random tidbits:

-All was going well Friday afternoon until I checked my email on my iPhone and found a chipper little note from Urban Outfitters telling me I needed to check out their new arrivals for summer. Ever the obedient shopper, I hopped on over to the site and did just what they told me. I added several lovely items to my bag, including two of my fave purchases, this and this. Oh UO, you devil...

-I watched An Education last night while catching up on blogging and work stuff. 10 minutes into it, all productivity came to a halt. This movie is SO good. Cary Mulligan and Peter Saarsgard had amazing chemistry together as "teacher" and "pupil" and the London setting/wardrobe styling was impeccable. I'll be buying this one.

Still in Brit-mode from last night's flick, I couldn't help but share this impressive little photo spread from Elle Decor...

It comes to us from the London townhouse of Christine d'Ornano, cosmetics exec for Sisley. It's a little bit English Country, a little bit Parisian Chic. A little cozy, a little edgy.

The front drawing room features an upholstered sofa, a pair of Lalanne chairs and plenty of kitschy, cool accessories.

The back drawing room (below) is completely upholstered in pink linen. And how much do we LOVE the red, paisley print sofa paired beside the white loveseats?

I could get some major writing done in this office...

I'm not a fan of heavily styled dining rooms, but this one...oh this one. She's different. My favorite element? The custom-made bright yellow chairs that surround the kitchen table, which was designed by d'Ornano and her husband, Marzouk.

So much decorating goodness to take in. Can you stand it?

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: Elle Decor, IMDB


  1. I love the red couch!

    Have an awesome week!

  2. I know Monday's can SUCK! I am struggling today. I too loved An Education. Great flick.

  3. love those yellow chairs! thanks for sharing these great pictures! you've inspired me to do a little apartment shopping :)

  4. I'll need to watch the movie...You seem to be really impressed. I loved this home, I saw it a while ago, very beautiful! Have a wonderful week!

  5. I stumbled across your blog and absolutely love it! Thanks for all the adorable posts... you inspire me to do some re-decorating! :)



  6. Gorgeous interiors as always and that spread does look amazing! Hope you had a nice weekend girl.

  7. Oh yes I love me some British movies, music, food, cider, etc. Love it all:-)

    Happy Monday!!!

  8. Those yellow chairs are amazing! I'd want them in hot pink.

  9. That office is amazing...those windows...OMG!

  10. I love all the details like the pink wire dog in the dining room!

  11. I just recently watched An Education too and loved it!! What a great story line! As for that first picture with matching wallpaper and headboard... FABULOUS!

  12. AN education is on my rental list this weekend! from the promos, i alrady am in love..but what was she wearing last night!? not a good first met ball ensemble...

  13. I've only heard good things about this movie!
    Just found your blog, it's lovely!

  14. i loved an education too. i watched it by chance on a plane ride and i was so impressed with it.


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