Trend Watch Wednesday: Fabric Jewelry

I'm in a state of disbelief that today is already Wednesday. What happened to the week? Craziness.

Anyway, Wednesdays are great for two reasons:

1) It's Trend Watch Wednesday and those are always more fun than a shirtless Bradley Cooper. Ok, well maybe not quite that much fun...

2) SATC II comes out tomorrow!! Woot Woot!! I'm pretty pumped, if you can't tell. I've had my outfit picked out for over a month now, but Dee and I still had to go shopping last night. I already had my shoes, but Dee got some fabtabulous new kicks, which you can see here.

This might be the only movie for which I've ever planned my outfit in advance, so I'm sure we'll take pics. I'm also sure we might get trampled trying to buy tickets for this thing, but I've done Tae Bo, so I'm pretty sure I can take down some chicks if things get out of control.

Ok, fabric jewelry. Go get some. The end.

I kid, I kid. Let me eleborate...

This summer, channel your inner Martha Stewart and get crafty with fabric jewelry. Or channel your inner Leslie Lacy and use that Visa to purchase some. Either way.

From braided rope necklaces to woven chiffon bracelets, designers have taken a softer approach to accessories for the warmer months.

Fabric jewelry is the perfect way to add a bit of bohemian flavor to an outfit without going overboard. It also looks super chic mixed with hard, metal pieces.

You may remember last year when I did the post about the fishtail bracelets? Yeah, stuff like that is totally "in" this summer. I made my own for about $10 with supplies from Hobby Lobby, so if nothing else, it's definitely an inexpensive way to accessorize. And trust me ladies, if I can make em', ya'll will have no problem.

Lurves it.

What do you think? Are you feeling the whole fabric jewelry thing?

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: Elle


  1. I think the bracelets may be ok, but I don't see myself wearing a fabric necklace or earrings.

  2. im realllyy loving the fabric jewelry!! that first necklace would be stunning with a LBD! =)

  3. I am really loving this trend. reminds me of my school girl days.
    fabulous find! Happy wednesday!

  4. Gaaaah SATC2! I am going too and can't wait. I love these bracelets, a very fresh style that I can't resist!

  5. Statement necklaces make me week in the knees! Lovely finds.

  6. I cannot WAIT for SATC2! I'm going to with a girlfriend tomorrow and fully intend on wearing red pumps!


  7. Ah! Can't wait for Sex and the City 2!!! Hope you share your outfit with us!

  8. I've seen these all over LA lately! Cute. You're totally cracking me up about SATC! Have fun girl! -jami

  9. I love the fabric jewelry! we are even working on making fabric necklaces (in the shape of candies) for libbi's first birthday! even though she's just one, she can still be fashionable -we start 'em young - ha! ;0)

  10. That braided fabric and chain beauty made my heart skip a beat!!

  11. Oh, nice! I really like the first one! I hope you enjoy SATC-2!


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