Trend Watch Wednesday: Library Girl

Oh lordy, it's Trend Watch Wednesday...have you been waiting with bated breath all week long for this? Well, of course you have.

Before we get to the fabulosity that is Marc Jacobs' summer lookbook, let me wish you all a Happy Cinco de Mayo!

You see, prior to about 20 minutes ago when I decided to Google "Cinco de Mayo", I had no earthly idea why we celebrated this day. But any holiday that involves Mexican food, dancing and margaritas is a winner in my book, so I just went with it.

However, according to the always-reliable Wikipedia, Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican army's unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. So there. Don't you feel a bit smarter now?

Anywho, back to TWW...ok, so Marc Jacobs compiled his summer lookbook for Shopbop and frankly, it rocks my world. I mean, I could never wear any of this to the office, but it's fun to dream, right?

The theme was Library Girl, which I thought was pretty appropriate, as so many of you are cramming for finals right now.

The floppy bows, crazy colors, sneakers, nerd glasses...it's so un-sexy, it's sexy.

Notice the heart print tote in the photo below...yeah, I had that on my wishlist earlier this spring and I think after seeing this, I'm going to have to buy it. I'm sorry, I caved. I've never met an overpriced tote I didn't love, ya'll.

I realize it's unlikely that any of us will dress like this any time soon, but if you concentrate on the individual pieces of the outfits, it's totally trend inspiring. For instance, those day-glo bracelets above...yeah, you could totally pair those with a plain burn-out tee, cuffed gladiator sandals and cute denim shorts for a day of running errands.
So yeah, I just thought this was too much fun to pass up.

In summary:
1) Enjoy your Cinco de Mayo
2) If you feel so moved, wear something crazy to the library. It's cool. Marc Jacobs said so.

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: shopbop.com


  1. And when Marc Jacobs speaks... we listen!!
    Happy Wednesday and Cinco De Mayo :)
    I am going to make some Mexican food and drink margaritas while I watch the NHL playoffs... hmmmmmm... wellllll almost authentic mexican celebration right?!

  2. "I've never met an overpriced item I didn't love."
    story of my freaking life!

  3. Haa, those ribbon headband are so sweet! I want one!

  4. Yeah-I don't think I would ever put all these things TOGETHER....but individually they work just great! Cute on the MODELS who are 6 ft and 100 lbs though! LOL!

  5. cute post Leslie...I love it!

    happy cinco de drinko to you.


  6. Loving this! I am craving his new jewelry that just came out too. The rings are to die for!! xoxo

  7. Thank you for stopping by Bringing Lady Back. I'm glad to have found you, as well! Very fun! Have a lovely day.

  8. Cute blog. I just found you :)

  9. Thanks for stopping by! Of course I see this and it all reminds me so much of the 1980s... I remember, in fact, one day -- must have been in middle school --making a big bow for my hair like the one in the top picture and my mother told me I looked like the cleaning lady!!!!! Bwahahahahaha... I thought I was all stylish and stuff!

  10. Library girls? I look the part of a dowdy librarian!! Ha!! I love a lot of the pieces in this collection though. The colors are to die for!! My middle name should be "overpriced shoes and bags." I've never met a pair of expensive shoes that I didn't love, and I wish I had pictures of my purse section of my closet. That's right. I had to devote a whole area to bags because I have so many. Haahahah!!

  11. Love this post :) Marc always has the right idea, doesn't he?

  12. Love this! So nostalgic. Actually tweeted the link a couple weeks ago. Shopbop always has the BEST designer lookbooks! xxSAS

  13. p.s. You're already on our regular blog roll...but would you like to have your button on our site as well? We're revamping in a few weeks and featuring some our fave blog's buttons above the regular roll.

  14. waauw
    love the contrast in the pics!

    great post!
    again :)

    also posted st new! MMMmmm love to have brunch!



    X L !!!


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