Kitchen: Anthro Style

Dining Room Measuring Spoons- $24

Holy Monday, I'm back! I haven't blogged in 4 WHOLE DAYS. That is a long time for this web nerd, lemme tell ya. I was still feeling puny on Friday from the Great Stomach Bug of 2010, so I spent the day nursing my blue Gatorade on the couch and watching riveting shows like MTV True Life: I'm a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter.

Daytime TV is awful, by the way.

But guess what, I'm sick no mo'.

So anywho, this weekend was awesome/amazing/wonderful/perfect. The weather was downright chilly and it finally felt like fall outside. And for some reason, when fall comes around, I get the urge to cook.

I spent nearly the entire day yesterday preparing food/baking food/cooking food and loved every greasy, cheesy, sugary moment of it.

With all of these culinary thoughts on the brain, I took a little cruise on the internet this morning to scope out some of Anthropologie's oh-so-chic cookware. I bookmarked some of these a few weeks ago and was going to share with y'all, but boots and skirts and leggings just sounded like better blog material at the time. Fashion trumps everything, per usual : )

My favorite have to be these...the Ladies in Waiting plates. How very royal.

Ladies in Waiting Dinner Plates

I also have a weird soft spot for cutesy spoons. Love both of these sets, especially the shell-looking measuring ones. They make me want to whip up a hearty chowder and go digging for clams on the beach at my weekend home in Maryland...if only I did things like chowder-making and clam-digging....or had a weekend home in Maryland. Yeah.

Cour D'Honneur Serving Spoons- $28; Shell Measuring Spoons- $12

These were pretty presh, too. Looks like someone spilled some ink around the edges or something. Guess that's why they called it the "Inkwell" collection.

Inkwell and Argent Dinnerware

So I have a birthday coming up on December 3 and if any of ya'll would like to purchase and send me any of the above, that'd be swell. Thanks a million, dolls.

Ok, real quick, gotta brag on my guy a sec. My sweet boyfriend sent me a dozen red beauties last Thursday at work and frankly, I melted (please ignore the Starbucks cup in the photo...oops.) I thought it was because I was sick last week, but no. He had planned to send them before I was sick. Just. Because.

Lucky girl, I am.

Alright ladies and gents, I'm off to kick Monday's rear, MMA fighter style. Y'all come back tomorrow and we'll talk some more.

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: Anthropologie


  1. glad you're feelin better and aww, what a great guy you have there! i wish they were all sweet like that! :) xo

  2. Sweet boyfriend. Love those plates.

  3. Trust anthro not only to make clothes into art but dishware too! Pretty flowers.

  4. I love those Ladies in Waiting plates! How cute! Glad you're feeling better!

  5. What a sweet surprise from your man friend! love it! Hope you're back to your old self again!

  6. I love the ladies in waiting plates! They are precious! And how sweet of your man to send you a little happy!

  7. such beautiful flowers! i bet that was a bright spot in your week! your writing seriously makes me giggle every time! glad you are finally feeling better!!

  8. OK I AM so glad you are better! I LOVE those measuring cups! Adorable. I Just got really cute cupcake ones from hallmark. So fun!

  9. Aww!! Your boyf gets points! Glad you're back among the land of the living, girlie! And I baked all weekend, too! Fun stuff!

  10. I am so there with ya on the Fall and cookin'. They are just go togethers! I did the same yesterday...2 batches of homemade ChexMix, brewed iced tea, 1 batch of double fudge brownies complete with fall leaf sprinkles. then for dinner I whipped up a ham, green beans, au grautin taters, and dinner rolls. Oh I love the house smellin' all yummy from that!

    Glad you are feelin' better too!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  11. Anthro continually sucks me in with their clothes AND their home wares!

  12. If I could live in an Anthro ad, my life would be complete. How fabulous would that be?! So glad you're feeling better, and those roses are BEAUTIFUL. What a sweet bf! Hope you have a lovely week, my dear. You're amazing...don't forget that :)

  13. Glad you're feeling better pretty lady! And how sweet of your bf to send you flowers just because! Have a good week girl!

  14. Aww your boyfriend is so thoughtful! The roses are gorgeous! xoxo

  15. That's a pretty awesome boyfriend!

  16. Oh yes. These plates are on my Christmas wish list!!!


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