Happy Little Things


What's makin' me happy this week? I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours...

1. The sleep rompers I bought at VS earlier this season for warm, humid weeks like this past one. Comfy and perfect. Love.

2. The funny/hilarious/slightly weird texts that S and I exchange during the day when we're at our subsequent jobs. We are 5 years old.

3. Gearing up for registering for wedding gifts with my beau this weekend. Spice racks and tupperware and monograms, oh my!

4. My job. Even though I blame it entirely for the stomach ulcer I have at the moment, (TMI? sorry), it's a pretty great gig.

5.  The anticipation of the new Gaga album.

6. My hair is officially touching my bra strap in the back...yay for finally having long hair!

7. Reese's Eggs.

8. Sunny and 75.

9. This blog post by the brilliant Jon Acuff.

10. These babies. Not literal babies. Babies as in shoes. Shoes (at this point in my life) make me considerably happier than something that cries and poops and requires feeding every hour.

Talk happy to me ladies...what's bringing a smile to your pretty faces this week?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I love Reese's Eggs!! And shoes always make me smile!!

  2. I am throwing my sister and her fiance an engagement party this weekend. I am officially in party mode. So pumped! Love those shoes!

  3. Reese's Eggs! and mini snickers

  4. Love Reese's Eggs but gave up all sweets for lent so I can't wait to eat my weight in chocolate on Easter! :) Happy that we finally have a day that involves sunshine here in Jersey since for the past few weeks its been cold, rainy weather! :) hope you have a great Thursday!!

  5. Those sleep rompers are just too cute. I have to get one now. I love the VS sleep shirts, they are super soft and comfy. Most of them are long sleeve but the material is so thin/breatheable i can still wear them into the summer time.

    ps. I love Reese's eggs too but like others I see, gave up sweets for lent. Can't wait til I get my easter BASKET cause I specifically requested Reese's eggs and york peppermint patties.

  6. Love the "babies" definitely hot for the spring/summer!

  7. Have so much fun registering! And I'm jealous of sunny and 75!

  8. I need a Reese's egg stat! And if y'all want to do a registry with me, I guarantee all of PC's kitchen utensils are way better than what you buy in a store! But no worries if you don't want to!

  9. The weather is making me smile. I love SprinG!

  10. I have that quote on my inspiration board... It's a wonderful reminder at the start of the day.

  11. How exciting that you get to GO REGISTER! YAY!

  12. registering for wedding gifts?!?!?! woo hoo!!! that is so exciting!!!!
    I love anything Reese's...oh Easter candy :)
    I love your blog by the way!!!

  13. My job! I am so happy to finally be ordained, to finally be pastoring a church and to finally be doing all of the things that I love and feel called to do!

  14. Have fun registering! I think that has seriously been my favorite part of wedding planning! :)

  15. I LOVE rompers to sleep in! Eric got me a FABULOUS one for Xmas.. He actually remembered which one I said I'd liked in Cosmo magazine, went and got the magazine and found the image... then ordered it... haha.. Anyway, needless to say I love him and the romper. :) Rompers are good for sleeping, going out, lounging... Perfect!

    You're going to have a BLAST registering, girl! I just attended a really cute shower where we were all assigned a time of the year. I had to buy a gift from the registry that worked for winter. :) It was a cute theme. Just if your MOH or whoever needs a theme. :)

    I, too, measure my hair by the distance to my bra strap... hah... :) Love it. Congrats on the flowing mane, girl!

  16. My happy place is Hershey Eggs (the candy coated ones NOT the foil wrapped ones).

  17. Ooohhh have fun registering!!

    And your baby comment made me smile.


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