Trend Watch Wednesday: {Miss Brightside}

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Bright colors are one of the hottest emerging trends of the spring and summer, and for good reason; they are sizzling! Colors with kick can give any outfit that extra "oomph" and are wearable for ladies of ALL ages, shapes and sizes.

Clockwise from top: Orange Cutaway halter dress, Teal Bikini, Pink Satin Bow Dress, Blue Knot Back Pocket Blouse, Coral Bow Side Shorts, Green Frill One Shoulder Playsuit- all from Topshop.

Fashionistas like Drew Barrymore, Mila Kunis and Camilla Belle aren't afraid to sport a high voltage color- the key to pulling it off is confidence. (But really, isn't that the key to wearing anything well?)

Colors like these, although beautiful, can be quite a shock to one's system after a winter of hum drum grays and blacks, so if you're a little timid about diving head first into fuschia and teal, fear not! Here are some tips for easing into the bright color trend and pulling it off correctly:

1) Start with accessories, like a melon colored clutch or sunshine yellow heel. It's an easy way to get comfy with color.

2) Grab a nice, juicy orange. No, not the fruit- the color! This is one of the most popular colors for spring/summer and has the power to perk you up better than a double shot of espresso.

3) Mix it up in one color family. Confused? Lemme explain. You can go colorful head-to-toe — and not look like a kook — if you pick different shades in the same palette (like this assortment of blues on Olivia Wilde) and vary the fabrics (some silky, some knit, you get the idea). Gorgeous!

Have you bought any "bright" items yet this year? Get to it, girls!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Camilla Belle can do no wrong fashion wise in my book! Love the brights!

  2. I love the colors! SO pretty I have a few bright items so far!

  3. I am loving the coral! SO FUN!

  4. These brights are gorgeous! I would wear all of your picks - my favorite trend for spring hands down!

  5. I'm craving some new spring/summer clothes and sandals and these just get me more in the mood. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Yes! Bring on the color!I just bought a pair of bright coral superskinnies from Zara...I cannot wait to wear them! Love your summer bright picks!

  7. The top red dress you chose on your styleboard is great! Love all the looks.


  8. Beautiful images and great picks for brightening up the wardrobe. I've just assessed my closet and it's much needed. Go away grays!

  9. SO pretty I have a few bright items so far! The top red dress you chose on your styleboard is great!

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