Trend Watch Wednesday: {Spring Beauty Trends}


One of my favorite things about the seasons changing is that it allows you to change up your hair and beauty routine! Here are a few of my favorite trends for spring 2011!

Faux Glow

Nothing looks better than a great tan paired with the lovely pastel colors of spring…but alas, we don’t want to look like Magda from There’s Something About Mary. So what’s a girl to do? Fret no more!

I cannot sing the praises of Mystic Tanning enough! I dearly love my local spray tanning joint, (Calypso Tans for anyone in NWA), because they offer affordable, natural-looking tans of the non-UV variety. Mystic at my salon costs about $59 for 3 sessions, with each session lasting about 1 week. That’s only slightly more than I used to pay for real tanning…and I’m doing my skin a favor. It is also the choice of the world famous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, as well as celebs like Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood!

This Blonde Recommends: Mystic Tan

Bare Lip

Forget sticky glosses or chalky lipsticks. Instead reach for an un-tinted balm to provide colorless moisture to your pucker. It’s funny, so often we forget how pretty the natural, rosy color of our lips really is. *Hint: Your man will appreciate this trend, since he won’t be dabbing gloss off his collar or face when y’all exchange smooches.

This Blonde Recommends: Rosebud Salve lip balm or Burt’s Bee’s Wax

Pastel Eyes

The word pastel can sometimes induce queasiness and fatigue in those of us that survived the early 90’s. However, this season’s palette of pale pinks and light lavenders are just downright pretty. Be sure to avoid doing this with any kind of frosted lip gloss (in fact, let’s just avoid frosted anything…except cupcakes, those are ok.)

This Blonde Recommends: Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Sellout

Shimmery Cheeks

Nothing looks sexier or fresher than dewy, glowing skin. My favorite way to create subtle shimmer is to apply it to the portion of the eye right next to the tear duct and also on the highest point of the cheekbones. Avoid shimmer on the forehead, chin or nose- you will look greasy. And grease, (though delicious when it involves a chimichanga or Chicago-style pizza) doesn’t look so hot on your face, girls.

Ka-Pow Lashes

With a light eye color, like the pastels we talked about a sec ago, you’ll need some mega eyelashes. I prefer to use falsies when I’m getting dolled up for a night out, but in a pinch, I reach for my FiberWig mascara or my DiorShow Mascara (both are equally awesome!) The DiorShow is really cool! You can buy it at Sephora and, although a bit pricey, it will last 6 months. The Fiberwig mascara, also available at Sephora, contains micro fibers that literally cling to your lashes and extend them up to two times their length- yowza!

This Blonde Recommends: DiorShow Mascara or Fiberwig Mascara

Do you have any favorite beauty trend for spring that you’re itching to try?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I need to try that lip balm. It looks FAB! :) And that mascara is THE BEST!

  2. When you Mystic Tan do you use the booth or do you get airbrushed? I always hear the airbrush is better?!

  3. Seems like we use a few of the same products! And helloooo so ready for my mystic later this week. It's amazing what a tan can do to your self-esteem! Anywho, hope you have a great week!

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  4. Oh how I love to get my Mystic Tan on too..lol!!

    XOXO, CC


  5. I have SOO wanted to try spray tans but always get super nervous! Maybe I will have to try it soon!

  6. I love all these things - wonderful for spring! I awarded you the One Lovely Blog award, I just love your blog!


  7. I use the C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve and I LOVE it. So does new Boo :)

  8. Everything is perfect! I am a big fan of spray tans too.

  9. i would seriously die without mascara. maybelline falsies black drama works amazing!! Ive done a spray tan once and it didnt turn out to hot but I definitely didnt go to a great one so I may try it again :)

  10. That lip balm looks like something I would love!

  11. I LOVE mystic! It is my fave. I hate tanning beds. I spent my whole teen-hood going to them and now I won't go near one. Fake tanning is the way to go! Oh, and I just bough the Laura Mercier bronzer/blush.. it is INCREDIBLE. I will use it all spring & summer!!

    [ keep calm & blog on ] xo Katy

  12. I've never tried spray tanning, but i've heard so much about it. it seems a bit expensive. do you get it weekly or just when you need a bit of a tan?


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