Rainy Days and Sundays

Mornin' y'all! Hope all of you had a wonderful Easter weekend! We certainly did, although it was quite possibly the rainiest Easter weekend I can remember in my entire life!

Friday night (as most of you probably read on Twitter) was so scary for all of us in Northwest Arkansas. We had several tornados touch down in AR and so much rain that they had to close several roads in our county. Saturday wasn't much better and, needless to say, we spent the majority of the day inside baking brownies and watching movies : )

Yesterday was another wet mess and by 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon, we had 9 inches of rain! Yikes...

The day wasn't a complete wash though (pun intended). We went to the early service at our church at 8:30 a.m. and got such a blessing out of the beautiful message and gorgeous music. We got all gussied up in our Sunday best, but our efforts were futile. We were completely drenched by the time we got into the building.

I had to dry my hair AGAIN when I got to Stephen's house before church yesterday!

Love how all our pics are in the bathroom...we really need to get a camera with a timer haha
I wasn't ready for my close-up...obvi : )
Stephen lookin' handsome in his Easter shirt and tie!
This look is called "drowned rat chic"...

Last night we decided to batten down the hatches, (sidenote: We don't have any hatches to speak of, however, if we did, last night would have been an excellent night to have battened them down.)

As I've mentioned on here before, my fiance Stephen comes from a very large, Italian family. He loves to cook and his specialty is his mom's spaghetti with "gravy". Italians refer to sauce as gravy, because their version is so thick and SOOO good! So last night, this girl was treated like a princess while her man made a wonderful dinner of homemade spaghetti and Italian bread with red wine vinegar/olive dipping oil.

Dinner was bellisimo!!

I ate approximately 4.5 pounds of the stuff.

What did you girls do for Easter? Was yours as soggy and messy as ours?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. You guys are SO Cute! I love the typography in the background :) Happy Easter!

  2. Easter was PHENOMENAL. We were in Fort Smith getting equally as soggy!

  3. You two are so cute! My Easter was a HOT one followed by one crazy storm in the evening. And that spaghetti is making me hungry already! Is 10:46 am too early to get lunch? Haha!


  4. ah you guys are SO cute! :)

    I LOVE that quote hanging on your wall-that is so cute!

  5. I did a blog post of me wearing that SAME dress. You can see it here: http://www.aogdaily.com/2011/04/outfit-of-week_15.html

  6. I have been trying to remember which blog I saw the "you have my whole heart for my whole life" thing on for weeks now! Thankfully I'm an avid reader! Love it!! Happy Easter

  7. the quote in your house is so cute...I love that :) you look so cute, even after runnin' in the rain

  8. glad y'all are safe after all that nasty weather! i think you would be so cute with a short hair cut a la the "drowned rat chic" picture :)

  9. I just found your blog.. you and your fiance make such a cute couple! I'm sorry it was a rainy Easter for you.. I spent mine on the NC coast and we had sunshine! Unfortunately, though, the forecast for this week ain't lookin' too good..


  10. You look gorgeous! not a drowned rat at all, although I know the feeling with the amount of rain we've had over here in Melbourne!! XX

  11. I was thinking about you guys! We lucked out SO much with the weather. It was foggy at the sunrise service, but surprisingly not cold - and when I opened the front doors to the church to greet people after the late service the sun was shining and it was 70 degrees! He is risen, indeed. :)

  12. It's still raining here...glad that the sever weather missed you.


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