We're on a Boat!

Pre-boat photo shoot : )
Top o' the mornin' to ya, Blonde Ambitioners! (A slight nod to the Irish hertiage today, I suppose : ) Did y'all have a great weekend? Anyone do anything special or did you guys just take it easy?

We spent the weekend on our boat, which was really fun but OH SO COLD! The weather Saturday night was pretty nice, just a little chilly, but the weather yesterday afternoon was windy and really brisk. Stephen taught me how to drive the boat and also how to drive the truck/trailer up the boat ramp- yes, even blondes can master the art of boating : )

The view at sunset on Saturday night at Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas

Saturday, Stephen got a tattoo, which he's wanted forever. He got a large cross with lots of cool detailing on his upper back and I think it looks pretty awesome! He wears it well and I love that it represents his faith : ) So cool.

Yesterday, we also finally got a chance to register. On our registry: Lots of nice towels, kitchen stuff and high quality sheet sets. As two 26 year old adults, we have a lot of great household things already, so we tried to think of practical things that we know we'll need an abundance of.

Other than that, we finished up Sunday night with Real Housewives of Orange County and a couple of ribeyes and iced tea...perfect end to an evening, in my opinion.

Not riveting stuff, but, we enjoy our casual, fun weekends. Pray tell chicas, how were your past two days spent?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Fun, fun weekend!! I am obsessed with other people's tattoos - I love to hear the meaning behind them and am currently trying to design a tattoo for myself that includes both of my mother's parents because they have passed...I am trying to intertwine their astrologic signs, but make it look nice! And then there's deciding where to put it...haha. I think guys have a lot more choices!

    Anyways, I'm glad you had such a great weekend!! It was beautiful here, too, but WINDY!!! And Chad and I watched RHOOC last night; Chad was the funniest commentator!!! I love hearing guys' views on this stuff ;)

    Have a great Monday!


  2. Fun stuff! Loving the photos! Even though it was cold, glad you had fun on the boat! You realize we're going to need a tattoo photo at some point?! :)

  3. My weekend was awesome! Way too short. Nothing super exciting but nice.

  4. Too fun ... I love Beaver Lake!

  5. ahh so jealous :) I miss being right next to the water! I swear J and I will buy a boat before we buy anything else together, gotta love those sunsets!

  6. other than spending an afternoon camped out in the bathroom riding out a tornado...i had a pretty relaxing weekend myself ;) i do wish mine involved being on a boat!

  7. I agree with Jax my dear - I want to see S's tattoo!

    You saw on facbeook my weekend excitement - I got to perform my first baptism! And a precious little baby girl at that. Be-still my heart. I love my job.

  8. looks like fun!! hope you had a great time! Your on my Daily Reads! i love your blog!! xx Katie


  9. Loooove being on the boat! Can't wait for the warmer weather!

  10. I love riding on speed boats!! Too fun :)


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