Ridiculousity: Complete ridiculousness. Foolishness beyond belief and reason.

This week has been packed full of ridiculous events and silly happenings, which I’d love to share with y’all today.

1. I do believe that the hoopla surrounding the royal wedding is a titch redonkulous. Don’t get me wrong, I think the entire royal aspect is pretty cool. I mean, what girl doesn’t dream of becoming a princess one day? It’s neat to see Kate fulfill something we’ve all daydreamed about from time to time. But people are seriously peeing their pants over this. One friend on Twitter even told me that someone she knows is skipping work to watch it all go down, which makes me deem this- Ridiculous.

2. Speaking of weddings (of the non-royal variety) I’ve been having the weirdest pre-wedding dreams lately. The other night I dreamed that we got to the church on the day of the wedding, only to find out it was double-booked and the other party beat us to the punch. We were forced to hold our wedding outside at a picnic shelter by the lake. Our photographer also failed to show up, so my mom walked across the street to the Dollar Store (which kind of appeared out of nowhere) and bought a disposable camera to capture our wedding moments. I woke up in a cold sweat with my heart racing. – Ridiculous.

3. I fix my hair and re-apply lip gloss before I go to the gym. Just noticed this the other day as I was getting ready for a Saturday morning workout. I do believe that we southern girls are probably the worst about useless primping before a sweat session. – Ridiculous.

4. As some of you probably read on Twitter earlier this week, I showed up to work on Monday morning with only one of my eyes lined. I went into the bathroom and when I walked out and looked in the mirror, I couldn’t figure out why I looked cock-eyed. Then it dawned on me that only one of my eyes was rimmed in Lancome Kohl. – Ridiculous.

5. Gas prices. Nuff said. – Ridiculous.

6. Kate Gosselin’s reality show just got renewed for another season, despite the fact that reports say the kiddos are tired of being paraded around in front of the media. – Ridiculous.

7. Someone suggested I do a fast the WEEK leading up to my wedding day, because she did and she felt “so cleansed and free and spiritually ready.” Two things:

  • I’m not sure I want to pass out on the alter from low blood sugar. That doesn’t sound sexy at all.

  • I don’t think this person realized the absurdity of asking a southern gal to forego food the week before a big event. They obviously have never attended any kind of wedding/shower/funeral/football game below the Mason Dixon line.
I’d rather just take a shower and say a nice prayer for my “cleansing and spiritual readiness” thankyoukindly. – Ridiculous.

8. For the Star Wars fans out there, I present, "Chewbarka" via Pinterest. - Ridiculously Awesome.

What’s got you all fired up this week, Blonde Ambitioners? Any ridiculosity in your lives at the moment?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Girl you are RIGHT ON! I couldn't agree more. Gas Prices booo especially here in CA. Almost 5/gallon. And the royal wedding is getting WAY TOO hyped!

  2. I'm totally stealing this idea! haha so many things can fall into the "ridiculousity" category. And you are not alone in the primping before the gym. I ALWAYS touch up my mascara and whatnot..don't know why.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who had pre-wedding nightmares. In the months leading up to the wedding, I had at least three nightmares where I for some reason forgot to get ready for my big day, and showed up to my own wedding without makeup or hair done.

  4. This post was too funny! Loved it!

  5. LOVE this post! It takes a lot to make me giggle and that you did! :) Very cute...

  6. Ah I am not looking forward to the pre wedding nightmares!
    xoxo, Bee Sue

  7. This whole post cracked me up.

    I went running last night (we live on a country dirt road and our neighbors houses are hidden behind pastures and trees...so no one sees me running 90% of the time I go) and I fixed my hair up all cute before I left. Just in case I saw someone (never mind the sweat dripping down my face- my hair was fixed cute!). Glad to know I'm not the only one :)!

  8. You are too funny. Not to mention, adorable. This list had me giggling the whole morning. xx Happy Thursday!


  9. Bummer man, I really enjoy the royal wedding hype! It's such a neat ceremony with lots of history behind it. Not to mention, I can't wait to see her beautiful dress selection!

    Gas prices and gym primping - I hear ya, girlfriend! :)

  10. You crack me up! I loved this post. Today is my Friday, and you made the day that much better. Agree with you on all points. Hope you have an amazing weekend!


  11. I had to get ready for work in 20 minutes the other day. As I was walking to the subway and applauding myself for getting out of the apt in time I realized that I forgot mascara... well ok, no problem... a few more steps and I realized I forgot to brush my teeth... self applauding stopped instantly

  12. haha I am one of those crazy people that may be skipping work! Although I have a very flexible work schedule and can just work from home. I'm not using that vacation days - I'm not that crazy...yet! ;)

  13. love your post! however, i am that girl that is taking off to watch the wedding. ;) sorry... can't miss a monumental moment like that! Also i'm in need of a "mental health day" anyways!

  14. LOL! This post was awesome! =)


  15. Love your blog!


  16. You are hilarious!! I am totes feeling the royal wedding and weird dreams ridicularity... Go you for airing these concerns!! XXX

  17. Oh, I hear you on the wedding dreams. Mine always involve forgetting to hire a caterer. I have one pretty much every night. Crazy!

  18. Haha! That dog is pure awesome! I love it. I'm right there with you on everything else. Kate, the wedding and gas prices... BLAH!

  19. what a ridiculously awesome post...I agree with you on just about everything you said :) xx


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