ABA Fall Fashion Week: {ACNE}

Hola, chicas! Today's post comes to you from my oh-so-awesome (and crazy beautiful) style intern, Lindy! That's her below and yes, she really is that pretty.

Y'all remember Lindy, I'm sure, as she's been with me for about a year now...crazy how time flies! She writes her own fun fashion blog, Pirates Prevailing Taste, so check it out when ya have a sec. She's lending her fashionable voice to A Blonde Ambition's Fall Fashion Week for what are sure to be some great posts. Without any further adeiu, take it away Lindy!


The first thing you think of when you see the word ACNE is probably what you like to call the “lost years” of middle school or high school. How this brand came up with their name I will never know, but one thing’s for certain, their Fall 2011 RTW line trumps any negative connotations of which you might have thought.

The flawless combination of slick leather, cropped pants, and crisp blouses with earth tones like grassy greens, rose petal pinks, and desert oranges makes this line stand out as one of the fiercest contenders for autumn fashion. Bringing back some 90’s fashion, ACNE somehow makes overalls and scrunched down socks look beyond chic while twisting it with androgynous flair. Like many other lines for the upcoming season, splashes of metallic glimmered throughout this collection in the form of square cropped tops and eye-catching floor length skirts.

Creator Jonny Johannsson

So before you decide to nix looking through ACNE's line because of their unusual name, remember the old saying you learned as a child and “don’t judge a book by its cover!” because it definitely won’t disappoint!

Be (fashionably) blessed, lovelies-

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  1. Love all of these looks. Gorgeous stuff. And she is definitely gorgggg. Love her hair!

  2. Great post, Lindy! Love all of the looks you posted and you are too cute! : )

  3. Oh my goodness she is a doll! And I adorded ANCE. Great post xo

  4. ACNE stands for 'ambition to create novel expressions'


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