Gettin' In the Groove

Pic taken last week in Charleston on our honeymoon!
Although we had a lot of fun planning this wedding and honeymoon (probably more so the honeymoon), both Stephen and I were SO relieved and happy to return home and just start our married life. We’ve been moving the final items from my apartment to his house over the past few days and are finally finished…whew! After this past weekend, we both agreed that we’re not moving again for at least 35 years.

And MY LORD…I did not realize how much stuff I owned until we started packing it up and moving it out. I was honestly ashamed at how many clothes and shoes and handbags I had. Poor Stephen sacrificed the better portion of our walk-in closet in the master bedroom for my mess of clothing. (I should mention that Wardrobe de Leslie is also filling up two-thirds of the guest bedroom closet and linen closet…whoops!

I’m thinking of having a blog sale to free up some of our closet space, but I’ve never tried that before…have any of y’all? Thoughts?

We’ve gotten our house in some semblance of order and I actually had a chance to do some fall decorating! I’m such a shameless seasonal decorator and Stephen is so sweet to just stand by and grin while I hot glue and stage our house within an inch of its life.

Oh yeah, and we’re enjoying being the cheesy, mushy gushy newlyweds. Lots of PDA and Facebook picture posting and whatnot. We’ve also been leaving each other little love notes around the house : ) I won’t post any of those on here because I love y’all and certainly don’t want to induce vomiting.

We have yet to cook a meal as a husband and wife, but I think we may tackle that tonight. Pork tenderloin and roasted asparagus, anyone?

We plan to go on our first “back from the honeymoon” date this weekend too! We’re heading to our old stomping grounds, Abuelo’s on Saturday for chips and queso and sangria…woohoo! Because if there’s one thing my hips and backside need after a food-filled honeymoon in Charleston, it’s more fried food.

We actually decided before we got married that we would do at least one special date night per week, just so we always remember to keep the romance alive. I think more people should “date” their significant other (married or not), ya know? It’s fun to get gussied up and look smokin’ hot for each other. And besides, that can lead to some very fun post-date activities ; )

(My southern momma is probably reading this and blushing.)

We got so many gifts. I mean a crazy, ridiculous, awesome amount of quality gifts. Problem is, we have nowhere to put some of the items we received. We got a panini press from Williams Sonoma that was great, but unfortunately, it’s also the size of a small refrigerator. And towels…OH MY at the towels. That’s more than ok though, you can never have too many towels.

We’ve already been asked by several peeps when we’re going to start a family.

No, I’m not kidding.

Unless the good Lord has other plans for us, we’re going to take a couple of years (maybe more) and just be a three person family, enjoying the perks of not being responsible for another human being’s life for a while, (I say three person family because we include our German Shepherd, Ari as the third member.)

We want to take a couple of years to do married-with-no-children activities like travelling spontaneously and sleeping 8 hours per night and whatnot. Besides, I’m terrible with toddlers. Awful. I have the patience of an arena bull and shudder when I watch poor moms deal with their screaming three year olds in Target. I know it’s par for the course, but bless my soul, I’m not sure I’m cut out to be a mom right now.

HOWEVER, I should also say that our new little nephew Lucas has REALLY given me baby fever. He’s got the best disposition of any kiddo I’ve ever been around and he just smiles and coos and kind of makes you melt. And watching Stephen carry him around when they bring him over makes my heart so full. Kelsi and Greg, if you’re reading this, we will happily babysit any time y’all would like to bring him over : )

So in summary, we’ll see what happens in the baby department : ) Maybe a couple of years, maybe not. But probably a couple of years.

I digress.

Know what makes me so happy though? Seeing older couples in restaurants or on park benches holding hands. So terribly excited to grow old with this man, my husband.

That word is awesome. Husband.

Ok, tomorrow I'll show pics of me and my girls getting ready at the bridal salon on the day of the wedding! Definitely some fun, candid shots in that bunch of pics! Here's a sneak preview:

My adorable hair stylist Jennifer creating my wedding day 'do!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. We got a crazy number of towels for our wedding too! Soak all of this up and don't worry, I'm a year+ into my marriage and we still act like newlyweds!

  2. Andddddd this post made me tear up! (that part about growing old together really tugged my heart strings) I love hearing about your newly married life! And I want to hear a billion details about your wedding!

  3. Enjoy it just being you two for now (plus Ari of course)! Soon enough, this season will pass, and you'll have a very needy child on your hands. Don't worry about the impatience. God will bless you with some for your own child, when you hardly had any for any one else's.

  4. It sounds like you're having an amazing time. Love notes around are so special and it's wonderful that you decided to do date night. It's a great idea!

  5. Marriage is awesome! I remember thinking, "This is my HUSBAND? I get to be with him every single day??? I love it!"

    Can't wait to see more wedding pics!

  6. Congrats on your marriage! I am dying to see all the pics. I bet it was fabulous!

  7. I love this post! And just put away some of the towels for later! You'll have new ones for years :)

  8. You make me SOOOO excited to start my married life too (less than 10 months). Congrats again. I can't wait to see your pictures and read your recaps.

    I love that you are planning a once a week date night. That's awesome. :)

  9. You got such cute clothes! I think we are about the same size...I'd buy from you! Glad you are enjoying new married life. Ditto on the waiting on kids. You will get asked all.the.time. it won't stop. It doesn't bother me though. I just say nope not happening. As for 1 date night a week, that's awesome. We do date nights but not scheduled per se...and seriously, I'm so worn ragged right now that cuddling on the couch at home is plenty at the moment.

  10. I love the once a week date nights!! We firmly believe in "dating" even though we are married. We go out to dinner very often, just the two of us. And I definitely suggest the whole being married and having fun for a few years before kiddos!! We've been married a little two years and are still having the time of our lives!!

  11. If you're looking for practice in the unruly 3 year old arena, I can help there - ha! :) I'm PRAYING Reed has a disposition like Luke - otherwise I'm gonna end up in the loony bin!!!

  12. Aw yay!! :) Love this! And girl, I get asked about babies and I'm not even engaged! It's kinda ridiculous really. You take your time and make sure you're ready! No need to rush it! Cant wait to see more photos! Good luck on your first married meal tonight!

  13. I'd love to see a blog sale!!! You have incredible taste and I bet I would be buying a few items!

    Congratulations and best wishes on your marriage!!! You looked soooo gorgeous...the hair, the dress, everything! You are such a beautiful couple and I cannot WAIT to see more pictures! =)

  14. i love this! i have been married a little over a year now, and my hubbster and i always try to have at least one date night a week (rather its doing something fun and exciting or a quiet dinner at home... the point is to have time with just the two of us!) he's working out of town now, until i can find a job and move with him... so its especially important now that we dont have as many nights together!

    so i say all this to say... i think you guys have the right idea. you are sure to have a happy, blessed marriage whether the kids come sooner... or later.

    and another note on that... the baby pressure gets WORSE and WORSE every month of being married. i cant so much as complain of a stomachache without everyone assuming im pregnant. and while id be so excited to have a child now, i also want to wait and make sure to truly enjoy the time for just the three of us... (i include our furbaby, too).

  15. yes! i think that a blog sale is a great idea! i know i would definitely be interested in buying from you. loved your post today! can't wait for more wedding stuff.

  16. Awwwww this post makes me smile, so happy you are settling in as newlyweds. Babies, you just got married GAH!!!

    I would def be interested in a blog sale, you have such great style :)

    Congrats again! xoxo

  17. YAYAYAYAYAY! This post just made me so happy!

  18. So sweet, it gets even better with time too. We will be married for 3 years in January and I can't believe it- it flies by.

    We get the "when are you going to have kids" question all the time...it kills me that people feel the need to ask this (they were asking it when we were engaged...really??).

  19. I would definitely wait on kids if you can even if toddlers did not scare you. There is just nothing like that special time as a newlywed....for a few years.
    By the way, as everyone told me when I was single about kids: it is different when they are your's. They were right. You will be fine when it is your time and your kids.

  20. Can't wait! Love the charleston honeymoon.. might be doing that or key west! (:

  21. Aw such a sweet post, I can tell how happy and in bliss y'all are!!! Can't wait to see pics from the wedding!!! You have Abuelos where you live? Are you in Texas?

  22. I love this one! And so true never to many towels! Please post all your pretty decorations:) Love seasonal decor!
    I think a blog sale would be fun:)

  23. I've done resales on my Facebook page; it's gone fairly well. Never on my blog though, just b/c I haven't tried it, and my FB page reaches more people. I'm sure your clothes would go fast though! Enjoy your married life, and good luck cooking dinner together tonight!

  24. Okay, from someone who has been married 16 years and has 4 kiddos and still madly in love with her husband, I say wait 5 years! That time before kids is so precious, and we are so darn busy now that a weekly date night is out of the question (military family...no grandparents near us). We always kiss hello and goodbye, and always say "I love you" getting off the phone. Always. And I still get excited when I think of us growing old (er)!!!

  25. Glad you are basking in marital bliss and you too are just the cutest!! :) Yes, definitely waiting for the kiddos is good to do - I want to do the same when I'm married in the future.

    I think you totally should do a blog sale! I've thought about doing one on my blog sometime.


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