Hello Fall: {Currently Craving}

This week, the weather has taken a cool turn. According to our weather guy on the news last night, the dog days of summer are officially over and it's all Pumpkin Spice Lattes and SEC football from here on out.

A few cravings came with the cooler weather this week...

Animal print clodhoppers

Outlandish ballroom skirt

Ginormous faux alligator skin tote

Bad arse statement necklace

Opulent heels

A unique and good smelling way to display my make-up brushes

Carbs. Any way I can get 'em.

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Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Those bejeweled heels..I WANT I WANT I WANT!!!!

    Love the make up brush display. Did you know that JUST SMELLING coffee has been proven to wake you up?!?!?

    Wedding day so close for you...YAY!


  2. gorgeous images! can not wait for full on fall!! Love yous blog sister.

  3. Great way to display your brushes, also what a great way to air dry them after daily/weekly (whatever your regimine) cleaning them. I'm obsessed with the denim button down and the ballroom skirt. DROOL...and those carbs, oh those carbs ;) Happy Tuesday (and wedding week). oxo

  4. That makeup brush display is such a great idea!! I also love that necklace, a bit intense but I think it could look awesome!

  5. That ballroom skirt is to die for!!

  6. Clodhoppers...LOVE that you used that word! haha.
    I'm totally going to do that with my makeup brushes! My roomie hates the smell of coffee so she's going to have to get over it! lol My most recent favorite intake of carbs is Starbucks pumpkin bread with cream cheese...OMG so good!
    Can't believe you get married in just 4 days!!! So excited for y'all!

  7. is that a cookie from levain bakery? oh sweet lordy, let me tell you something....i have had one (or 7...ahem!) in real life and they are worth absolutely every singe one of the 8000 calories they must have in them. i have never in my life had a better cookie. they hype is true and if you ever have a chance you HAVE TO have to have to get one and eat it quick while the chocolate chunks are still melty...

    p.s. happy wedding :) my & my husbands 5 year anniversary is this saturday too. it is a perfect day for a wedding. you are going to be a beautiful bride :)

  8. I wish I could wear that big skirt and outfit and have noone take a second glance. Darn the things I wish were acceptable to wear for everyday

  9. What a great idea in storing makeup brushes! I love it!! :)

  10. I want it all, especially that cookie and that skirt. Good GAWD!!!!!!!!!!! Loved every single picture. You must have done some pinning recently.

  11. I really need to try the coffee bean brush idea! That is a great bathroom idea!

  12. Thank you for posting that delicious looking cookie because I'll now be spoiling my dinner with a chocolate chip cookie. HA!

  13. Just found your blog...So adorable and amazing images!!!

    p.s....Congrats (soon to be) Mrs S!

  14. Loving all of this stuff!! Especially that amazing skirt. Gorgeous!! xox

  15. Loving everything and that statement necklace is gorgeous!!

    I want to be that girl in the dress in those boots!

  16. That cookie is the very best part of this post!!

  17. amazing collection of photo's, darling!


  18. I just came across your blog via pintrest. ..LOVE IT! I was curious to know about the picture in this post with the ballroom skirt. I love the denim shirt with it too. Do you by chance know who the designer is or where to purchase these items? Thanks
    Stephanie stephsownemail@gmail.com


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