ABA Fall Fashion Week: {Catherine Malandrino}

Today's designer is ah-mazing, ladies! Set back and enjoy the beauty called Catherine Malandrino.


I think it goes without saying that any designer who chooses to hold her show not in a stuffy auditorium, but instead at the former New York Times building (which was torn down and made into a hotel the week after NYFW) is a pretty cool chick. Of her Fall 2011 RTW collection, Malandrino said it was best illustrated by a python tote that had “Paris” written on one side and “New York” written on the other. Ironic, (or maybe not), since only in Paris and NY could you get away with wearing risque get-ups like those that were featured in her collection this season.

This time around, we saw LOTS of leather and lace (see, there’s that lace again!) and tons of cut-outs. Oh, and hats. Lots of floppy hats.

The evening dresses were done in jewel tones – blues, violets and rubies – which flatter basically any skin tone under the sun. We also saw lots of empire waists cinched with leather sashes, which enhanced all of the models’ curves. Another plus? All of the luxuorious fur, dah-ling! Never one to shy away from indulgent textiles, Malandrino used gorgeous mink and fox faux-fur to enhance her outerwear. Specifically noteworthy was the plush chinchilla collared bomber jacket…holy mackerel.

Textiles and Embellishments to Note:

Like with Wu’s collection, we saw tons of lace and leather, two very popular textiles this year. And we couldn’t talk Malandrino without noting her generous use of fur…so covetable, so plush.


With this collection (as with several others) we saw palazzo pants, structured trousers and fitted jackets. Look for faux-fur outerwear to replicate the look of a Malandrino original. Also, floppy hats and big specs were in abundance on her runway, so try accessorizing with those two items to channel your inner Malandrino model.

Make it Yours:

To pull off a Malandrino-esque look, all you need is fur, dahling...and loads of it. Pair a vintage fur with a floppy hat in a felt-type material and you'll be runway-worthy before you can say, "Oui!"


Catherine Malandrino is somewhat of an anomaly in NYFW because real girls can actually afford her stuff. However, if you’re not close to a Malandrino-carrying retailer, check out these items to replicate her signature style:

Nishe Winter Faux Fox Coat with Leather Bows and Free People Embellished Fur Jacket

Jersey Dogtooth Mini Skirt , 80's Informant Square Clear Lenses and ASOS Wide Brim Fedora

Free People Rocker Vegan Leather Shorts and  Aqua Travolta Wide Leg Pant from ASOS

Lindy will be here tomorrow with a FABTABULOUS post on the gorgeousness known as Sophie Theallet...

Be (fashionably) blessed, lovelies-

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  1. #1 I love ASOS. #2 catherine malandrino is pure genius.


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