ABA Fall Fashion Week: {Jason Wu}

Hey lovelies! Hope you all had a delightful three day weekend! The time has come for the annual A Blonde Ambition Fall Fashion Week....excited much? Cuz I sure am!

Myself and my fabulous style intern Lindy Maddox are coming at'cha all week long with the designers that caught our eyes and tickled our fancies for Fall 2011 RTW. You ready to get started? Good.

Here we go...

The Designer: Jason Wu


You may or may not have heard of Jason Wu. If you haven’t, well, you will soon. If you have, that’s because Wu’s rise to fashion stardom has been a rather quick one, thanks in part to one Mrs. Michelle Obama. And when the first lady likes your stuff, you must be doing something right.

One look at Wu’s Fall 2011 RTW collection and you know this guy is legit. His style is polished, ladylike and classic, making it perfect for career women everywhere. Wu also places a huge emphasis on structure with his pieces, i.e. lots of trousers, coats and pleated dress shirts.

Wu also made lace, a trend we’re already seeing emerge in NYC for fall, an important part of his collection this season. Many of his jackets were marked with a lace stripe down their sleeves. The storm flaps of the coats were covered in dainty lace. He embroidred teeny bits of it onto shirts and skirts so skillfully, it looked not like lace, but like a complex print.

For evening, he amped up the drama with colors like ruby, gold and royal blue silks and feathers.


Textiles/Embellishments to Note:

Lots of tweed. Lots of feathers. Lots of silk (especially with his evening looks). And lace…lots and lots of lace.


Lace is going to be BIG this fall. And pretty much anything else that looks Baroque-esque. If you’re like me and aren’t sure what Baroque is (yes, I had to look it up)….click here.

Make It Yours:

It’s doubtful many of us can sport a feather pouf dress to the office, however, there are ways to channel your inner Wu this fall. For starters, look for dress slacks with heavy tailoring. Trousers that fit you to a tee are a great wardrobe staple and the perfect foundation for creating a Wu-worthy look. Also, look for silk blouses featuring prints, preferably in black or white. Also, you don’t have to shy away from lace during the day. Try looking for a cardigan or sweater with lace detail.

Copy Cats:

Of course we'd all love to be adorned from head to toe in Wu goodness, but alas, not all of our budgets allow. Here are a few items that reminded me of looks seen on Wu's runway for a fraction of a Jason Wu original:

ASOS Petite Exclusive Applique Floral Embellished Waist Dress and Manoush Angora Cropped Gilet with Feather Plume

Circle Lace Pencil Skirt and Pencil Skirt in Contrast Lace

Vera Moda Western Tie Neck Top and Poodle Print Tunic

Be (fashionably) blessed, lovelies-


  1. ADORE the Red Evening Gown; the lace; and his structured handbags!!! Hope you enjoy this 4 day work week! oxo

  2. Thanks for sharing!!! What gorgeous looks. I especially love that ASOS dress... may have to stop by the website & order one!! :)

    twitter: @maryanddyer

  3. Oh goodness, the red dress is GORGEOUS!

  4. i always see that red gown, and it never gets old. i looove it! i think it's so beautiful! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  5. Circle Lace Pencil Skirt is Stunning! Leslie, You have done an Amazing Job on this post!)


  6. Going to NYC this fall and am so excited to people watch and window shop to see all the fashion that we don't see here in middle America! I knew I had heard of Jason Wu but couldn't remember where until you mentioned the first lady and I can totally see her fashion style in the clothes on the runway. Thanks.

  7. Love your fashion week! YAY! And I also love that you feature items that are affordable...especially ones that actually LOOK like the designer's stuff! Sometimes you'll see things in magazines with the "have this look for less" and it looks NOTHING like the trend.. haha.. :)

  8. This is exactly the collection that made me love Jason Wu...


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