A Tunic, a Lipstick and a Billy Joel...Hold the Phone, It's Friday!

It's Friday, my ladies! Hoo-ray and heck yes!

First off, if you haven't checked out A Blonde Ambition's style intern Lindy's post about Sophie Theallet today, you should do so...another glowing piece from the fabulous Miss Maddox.

Some randoms, which I'd like to discuss in detail with y'all since I really don't have anything better to talk about today:

1. So I always said, if I ever got married (which, apparently I am), that I would dance with my daddy to "Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)" by Billy Joel. I was previewing that little gem night before last when, for no good reason other than I'm emotional right now, I started bawling. Happy tears, of course, but tears and running mascara nonetheless. Isn't it just beautiful? I can't wait to have our dad/daughter moment to this song next weekend!

2. Hold the phone...I'm getting married in 8 days?!?! Wow. Just wow.

3. What the haystacks am I gonna write about after this wedding?

4. Oh, yeah. Fashion and hair poofing. Duh.

5. Per yesterday's random post, I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has gotten completely sucked in to the vortex known as Dance Moms on Lifetime. At least we're all in this together.

6. I got the below tunic yesterday at Francesca's and I love it! It makes me feel skinny because it's nice and loose, which is great because it will make a nice 'eatin' outfit for tonight if when we go to Abuelo's to gorge ourselves with queso and chimichangas. (Thank you to my amazing iPhone fashion photographer/co-worker in marketing, Euni.)

A couple more things about the above pic:

a) Didn't find the exact top online, but this one is way similar.

b) I am wearing zero eye make-up in the pic, so forgive my lack of eyelashes and general appearance of being hit by a freight train.

c) Yep, my hair is blonder! I asked my stylist to really brighten me up for the big day next weekend and girlfriend delivered...love the soft, baby blonde color she achieved for me!

7. Yes, I am still eating copious amounts of Mexican food 8 days before I have to wear a form-fitting, white dress. I figure all dieting efforts at this point in the game are futile.

8. I got THE BEST lipstick yesterday at Sephora, which I'll probably rock on the Big Day. It's called Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick in the color Beige Champagne and the maker is Givenchy. Mama likes!

9. I may or may not have also purchased a new pair of shoes that may or may not be the Michael Kors heels below...

10. Because I needed a new pair of shoes like Lindsay Lohan needs a cocktail.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I love mexican food & will probably be eating it a week before my wedding, too (whenever I get engaged and plan to be wed, that is)! Enjoy your weekend, lovey!


    ps. Love the tunic! I have found some great things at Francesca's.

  2. Love that tunic!

    Forget the diet...enjoy these next fwe days! You will look AMAZING in that dress :)

  3. Per your list, here is mine:
    1) You shouldn't put your lovely name in the same sentence as that train wreck LiLo...you are so much better than she.
    2) Francesca notices now appear in my inbox per your suggestions. I thank you, my bank account does not ;)
    3)8 days till you are a MRS. HOLY GUACAMOLE (a la your mexican feast tonight)!
    4) You will be stunning NO MATTA WHAT!
    5) Best wishes for a great day! Happy Friday! xoxo

  4. Love the tunic and shoes! Eating Mexican is totally okay 8 days before your wedding. I would do it too:)

  5. ha! i'll never give up mexican. that is a great shade i'll have to give it a try.

  6. love the tunic and both pairs of shoes!

    And forget the diet you look terrific!

  7. reminder #1 you MUST wear waterproof mascara the day of the "I do's". Holy cow your wedding is coming and i bet you are just so darn freakin excited! Cant wait to see lovely pictures!

  8. oh guurrrl buy all of the things you want in these next few days(like those AHMAZING shoes), when my husband realized what I paid for things...mama had to cut back:-)

    with that said he started playing golf, so I have some leverage now for shopping!


  9. Love the tunic!! It looks super cute on you. And that song is so sweet :) Congrats on your upcoming wedding - it is going to be amazing!


  10. You my friend are looking FABULOUS!!! I can't wait to see your wedding photos!

  11. So exciting that your wedding is so close!! Yay! Your hair looks fab. And I agree, Mexican food is the best and should be eaten anytime, even before the big day!! :)



  12. I am REALLY wanting some shoes like those! LOVE them!

    Also, that Billy Joel song is one of the best, sweetest songs ever. I love it!

  13. YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED IN 6 DAYS AHHHH!!!! Sorry, just had to squeal for a second for you...so excited!

  14. That tunic is so cute and I love how you have geared up for the fall - just in time for your wedding!


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