Monogram Madness: {feat. Shop Dandy}

I am southern. This comes as no shock to anyone who reads this blog, watches any of my YouTube tutorials or (for the real unfortunate folks) has to hear my southern twang in person.

My southerness also becomes evident by the sheer amount of monogrammed trinkets that I own. I’m talking dishes, sweaters, towels, bottle openers, house slippers, koozies, ink pens…everything but the kitchen sink. (And if that had been an option, I’d have monogrammed that sucker, too.) We southern girls flat-out love a monogram.

So, sue us.

Recently, sweet Danielle of Shop Dandy reached out to me about sending some monogrammed beauties my way to share with y’all on here. To say I was ecstatic when I opened the box is an understatement.

Behold, the most perfect acrylic monogrammed tray I have ever laid eyes on. Oh, and a matching key chain. WITH MY INITIALS.

To me, you could use this tray for just about anything. I’m choosing to display my bracelets and make-up brushes in our master bath, but honestly, it would look adorable anywhere. It makes everything SO much prettier and more organized!

Now this key chain…my word, this key chain. Love it. It makes my big ol’ janky mess of metal far more chic. Imagine that…a wad of keys being chic! If you’re a bride, these would make excellent bridesmaid gifts or gifts for your sorority sisters, (hint hint!)

A few of my other favorite goodies from Shop Dandy, monogrammed and otherwise:

Nautical Tunic - purchase here

Ruffle Top in Teal - buy here

Sailor Dress - get it here

Mint Hope Bracelet - here

Anchor Necklace - and here

Monogram Color Dipped Canvas Tote - here

Monogrammed Mason Jars (Set of 4) - get 'em here

Acrylic Monogram Trink Box - buy it here

Monogrammed Bamboo Pillow - here

Don't forget to follow Shop Dandy on Facebook and Twitter! Danielle is constantly posting new items and fun updates, so don't miss out!


  1. Not a bit of Southern in me...this girl doesn't own a single monogrammed item! I love the keychain and it may NEED to be mine! ;-)

  2. I love all of this! Especially that key chain :) I've been looking for a new pillows for my living room and that bamboo is perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Everything is so precious! Love it all!

  4. The jars are my favorite- so cute!

  5. I have been obsessed with monograms my whole life... My monogram necklace never leaves my neck! I'm Sitting in our kitchen and I just counted everything that's monogrammed in this room: my necklace, my lunch box, my mom's tumbler cup, dish towels, a blanket, and my tshirt. That tray may have to be added! :)

  6. I am obsessing over everything monogram lately!! Everything is adorable!

  7. I love that ruffle blue teal top! It is adorable...

  8. Let's talk about the fact that MY initials are LPS - you must have kept your middle name instead of your maiden name, like I did! So you can just send these along when you're done with them ;)

  9. I love her store-such cute stuff!
    I've been loving monograms too! I am from California, but I think it would be great to have been from the south!

    Loving your blog!



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