Why I Blog: {Link Up}

I’m so excited about today’s post for the simple fact that I cannot wait to read YOUR posts about why you blog. It really is such a unique hobby and journey for everyone, and I feel like those stories deserve to be told.

Why did I start blogging?

I started my blog officially in July 2009. At the time, I worked for a company that was starting a corporate blog of their own, and I would be in charge of maintaining it. So, I decided to start a small blog of my own, just to learn the ropes of simple HTML and web management. (Riveting stuff.)

Never in a gazillion years would I have thought I’d still be doing it. A gazillion, I tell ya.

But, here we are, four years later and still truckin' along. I’ve met some great friends, made amazing connections with local businesses, found some of my favorite blogs and most importantly, have developed a hobby I love. I feel like as adults, we lose the novelty of having a true hobby; blogging gave me a hobby that brings me joy!

Why do I keep doing it?

It’s my journal. An almost-daily account of my life, available 24 hours a day whenever I want to take a trip down memory lane. Through this blog, I’ve documented some of the most important events of my twenties: my first job, meeting Stephen, our engagement, my first magazine publication, our wedding and now, our pregnancy. Lord willing, Blogger will never crash. (If it does, I’ve backed up my files to replace it easily. And you can, too.) Having this online scrapbook is invaluable to me.

Another reason, (and possibly the most important), is that this blog allows me to connect with my friends and loved ones. A couple of months ago, my Memaw (paternal grandmother) told me that she and my Papaw read it together every morning while they have their coffee. Memaw said that they look forward to the photos and updates, and it makes them feel connected to Stephen and me despite living 3.5 hours away.

And I think that sums up my reason for blogging quite succinctly: to connect. Connect to other bloggers, folks from other walks of life, my family members, friends that have moved away…the list goes on.

Have a safe and happy weekend, y’all. 


  1. So true! I love sharing a little piece of my life with my friends and family who live far away! Hope you feel good on this Friday, my friend!

  2. This is a great linkup, thanks for changing it up.

    I think everyone starts a blog for the same reason, and then it morphs.

    I think your grandparents are so cute reading it every morning, so sweet :)!


  3. Great link up! I blog for a lot of the same reasons as you. Our grandparents also read our blog! They love all the pictures.


  4. My grandparents read my blog too! I love that they can pop over and see more than just a texted picture or two :) I definitely get the what-for if I haven't updated in a few days!

    I've loved following along with your journey over the last couple of years! Watching God answer prayers in people's lives is really amazing.

  5. I LOVE this link up! I am so glad I stumbled across your blog (can't even remember how). It's now one of my favorite reads!

    Hope you and your growing babe are doing well! XOXO

  6. I love your blog as well. Great idea to put this Link up together. Have an awesome weekend! :)

  7. Love your blog--Just found it! I am really excited to follow your blogging adventures. I am new to the blogging scene, follow me at http://foreverconvinced.blogspot.com/ :) xo-Jess

    ps-I love your "Why I blog Idea" Might do the same and share your link. Thanks for the awesome suggestion! xoxo have a lovely day

  8. loved getting to come up with a post for this link up! thanks for hosting. :)

  9. I Love this - I am writing my post right now and then I will link up!!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  10. So adorable that your grandparents read it together. It really is a great way to stay up to date. Wow. I just realized that we literally started our blogs the same year and month! I really love blogging too!!

  11. I love this link-up. So interesting to see why people blog, and how many mentions similar reasons. Also, what a great way to find new blogs to read. Thanks for hosting :)

  12. Hey dear!
    I just came across your blog & fell in love! You're beautiful! And it's amazing how long you're blogging already! I'm a real newbie! Would you maybe like to follow each other? Let me know :) always looking for new friends!

    x Vik


  13. That's pretty cool! I remember starting mine because I was the only girl in a house full of boys. lol I needed a girly outlet! I had no one to share my "finds" with :)

  14. It's always wonderful to see people blogging for the right reasons! You looked so gorgeous on your wedding day girl! Also, I know you have probably heard this a million times but your husband looks a little like Tim Tebow in that last photo xo

  15. I started blogging in 2007 as a way to keep grandparents updated on my boys. I got out of the habit a few years later but then started again in Oct 2011 when my husband suddenly died. It's been a journal..a place for me to vent and express and document this hard journey. I recently got remarried but find myself still grieving (I think I always will be. I lost my first true love!) and I want to show my boys what I felt and experienced during this time because they are so young right now and don't understand. It's been amazing therapy for me!

  16. I'm late to the party, but I really appreciate this chance to reflect on why we're here blogging. Lots of reasons, I suppose. It’s a hobby. It’s a diary. It’s a letter to friends. It’s a way to make friends. It’s a place to connect.

    My post on the matter: http://krystalcooks.com/2013/04/29/green-french-fries-and-why-i-blog-baked-asparagus-with-parmesan/

  17. thanks for the hidden shoutout!!!


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