Office Space

Raise your hand if, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., you are a cube dweller. It's okay, y'all. No shame, here. (If you could see me now, you'd see me raising my hand. See...I'm right here. Hi, there. I am one of you.) And if you've been a cube dweller for some time, you know that it's darn near impossible to make a cubicle sexy. Or inviting. Or appealing. At all, really.

Typically, you get three gray fabric-covered walls, a harsh overhead light and a chair on wheels. Not exactly the Sistine Chapel. But, if you're crafty and blessed with an imagination, you might just be able to turn your cube into a palatable palace of productive thought. (Say that five times fast.)

Last week, I decided to make it my mission to redefine my workspace this summer. After over a year at my current job, it's high time.

So first, I perused the interwebs and got inspired. I started by finding pictures of full offices that I liked, then focused on the elements I liked about them. I imagined how those elements might work in a scaled-down space. For instance, in the pic below, I love the modern touches of clear acrylic. I can't replace my rolley chair with that souped up acrylic thing, BUT I can incorporate small touches of acrylic through pen cups and paper trays.

These Kate Spade Black & White Striped File Folders //  This Brocade Pencil Cup from The Container Store // This Two-Tier Acrylic File Tray by Kantek // This adorable Signed 8 x 10 Flamingo Print from Ashley Brooke Designs

Next, I allowed myself $100 to spend on sprucing up said cube. You'd be shocked at how far one Benjamin can spread by utilizing sites like Amazon instead of, say, Pottery Barn. (I love P.B. My wallet, however, does not.)
Lastly, I purged. Not the sort of purging I've been doing over les toilettes lately, (sorry, bad morning sickness joke), but the literal purging of "crap I don't use" in my current cube. Broken pencils, ugly folders, random non-important Post It notes, burned out candles, etc. If it was ugly and I didn't need it, it went to the garbage can.

Les Cube is still a work in progress, BUT I hope to have a photo of the finished product next week.


So, the next time someone says, "Oh, you work in a cube. Have I told you about my fourteenth floor corner office?"

You just turn around and say, "Yes, at least a hundred times. But, have I told you how I turned three little walls into an aesthetically pleasing, thought-productive sanctuary of bliss?"



  1. I'm raising my hand and waving it. I'm sitting in my cube right now as I type this :( You've definitely inspired me to jazz up this joint. Can't wait to see your after photos :)

  2. Oh yes - I'm a cube dweller too. I've never given much thought to sprucing up the joint, but it's about a year in this cube so why not? I'm going to take some of these suggestions!

  3. I have an office. It's small and it's an ugly one with those drab fake walls but it does have a window. I've done absolutely nothing with it. I always plan to and then it just never happens. I bet your little cube looks lovely!!

  4. Super cute! I have a cubicle at work, but I'm only there one day a week. If I was there every day, I'd probably spruce it up a bit ;)

  5. Very cute post! and I agree -- would love to spruce up the ol' cube but an acrylic chair is not in the future -- cannot wait to see what you do on your budget!!

  6. Love this! I'm going to be moving from a classroom to an office soon & am excited about have my own space to decorate (not to a 6 year old's taste)! Def. ordering the pillows and my own chair.

  7. I don't work in a cube all day, but this does remind me I have to get with it on fixing up my room and "office" space.

  8. Well...now I know how to step up my office style! Thanks for the tips :)

  9. I'm not in a cube - but I'm in an ugle behind-the-counter space and I really need to work on that. I do have a cute pic of my kids that I can stare at all day though and that makes my space all that much better!

  10. I can't WAIT to see it! I know it is awesome!

  11. I had so much fun sprucing up my office space, I started off at a blue cubicle with little to no room.
    I spruced it up with these adorable office supplies, and boy did it turn my desk into the envy of the office!



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