Some A's for your Q's

Once a quarter or so, I like to sift through my inbox for questions from friends (a.k.a. y'all). If I get multiples of the same question, then voila! It gets answered in a post. So read below...if you've asked me something and haven't gotten an answer back, it may be below!

1) Can you give me the rundown on the make-up/hair products you like? 
I can do you one better than that...meet my new "Products I Love" page. Where you'll find, um, products I love. The button will reside forever until the end of time on my side bar, so be sure to check back frequently in case I've found and love something new. Which, if you know me, happens frequently.

2) What does your exercise routine consist of? How often do you work out?
I'll be honest: I haven't worked out since I got pregnant back in January. Bad Leslie, bad! Don't get me wrong, I think those superwomen who can still run marathons and go mountain biking during pregnancy are awesome. But this chick ain't one of 'em.

I've been so sick that hitting a treadmill sounded about as appealing as taking a bath with leeches. Since the nausea is getting more tolerable, I've been trying to go for little afternoon strolls with the pups lately. And I plan to start swimming in my sexy maternity tankini (SUCH an oxymoron) once the lake warms up.

3) What does Stephen do for a living?
Besides posing as Tim Tebow and taking photos with fans, (oh yes, this has really happened), he works as Director of Sales for a sport nutrition company based in New York. He works out of their satellite office here in Northwest Arkansas and positively loves his job. He recently got a promotion, and I am so very proud of him!

4) Will you work or stay home with the baby?
Work! I love my job so much and worked for years to get in with the company I'm at. We've thrown around the pro's and cons, but at the end of the day, I simply love what I do and love my career, and Stephen is so wonderfully supportive of my goals. I know that Little Bean will receive excellent care at the place we have lined up for daycare. At the end of the day, it was the right choice for me/us, but for every family it's different.

5) I need a good work-appropriate skirt. Recommendations?
I am obsessed with Savoir-Faire's pencil skirts! In fact, I have them in all three colors: blue, black and mustard. They're affordable, keep their shape incredibly well and even stretch to accomodate a growing baby bump. I call that a win-win.

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  1. some of my most favorite makeup staples, were suggestions you made on your blog!

    can't wait for the linkup on friday. already got my post written :)

  2. I don't work out during my pregnancies either. I just can't do it. Afterwards, definitely, but I use the 9 months to spoil myself and enjoy it. And, good for you for deciding to be a working mom! You can do it! It'll be so rewarding (and difficult) but if you have a job you love, it's just worth it.


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