Our Dog is a Bully (and Other Stuff)

Where in the dickens did our weekend go? I mean...gone. Just gone. Just like Lindsay Lohan's attempts to reform her image, it was practically over before it started.
  • We had a lovely Easter Sunday. Complete with a beautiful church service, 68 degree weather and a tad less pregnancy nausea/yacking. 
  • And spaghetti! Stephen whipped up a batch of his homemade sauce yesterday and it was mighty tasty. Sidenote: I shouldn't say "whipped"...the blasted stuff has to simmer for nine hours. Any edible substance that takes nine hours to cook has to be worth it, right? 
  • And Game of Thrones came back on for its third season, undoubtedly making this one the best weekend ever. (Until the next best weekend ever, that is.)
  • So, we have new-ish neighbors that moved in at the end of the street; neighbors who also own a cute little female weenie dog, much like our own Ruby. We thought it would be a hoot to let the two weenies meet each other and become best friends. Ladies, it did not go smoothly. 
Before we could even get our phones out to snap a pic of the budding friends, the other dog growls at Ruby, Ruby growls back, then she jumps out of my arms and waylays the other dachshund. Other dachshund doesn't take kindly to that, (naturally), and gives Ruby a piece of her mind, (and a piece of her left incisor.)

Then they tie up like two cast members of Bad Girls Club.

I think Ruby was offended because she heard the other dog had tried to make a move on the male beagle next door. And Ruby kind of had dibs on him already. She was all, "Sister, you need step off my man Dudley. We've been Facebook official for, like, a month."

And the other dog was like, "Nah. Dudley's mine. He took me to Petco last night."

Then Ruby accused her of telling untruths.

And then it got ugly. Total girl fight.

There was ear biting. There was teeth gnashing. There was growling that mimicked that of a rabid wolf.

If either dog had been wearing a weave, it would've been torn off.

I was horrified.

I quickly apologized to T.J. and his sweet fiance (the human neighbors) and proceeded to wonder where I had gone wrong as a mother.


And that, friends, was our weekend.


  1. That is too funny! I love the idea of Dogs being on Bad Girls Club.

  2. omg i am rolling! this is too funny! Ruby is a bad A : )

  3. That sounds like how our dog would behave. I love your girl fight re-enactment.

  4. our weenie dog Jake was exactly like that ! he loved our other dog, but if any others came around it was not good!
    he also acted like that toward strangers, which hopefully yours doesn't do . we loved him regardless :)

  5. Hahahahaha...our Chorkie thinks he's all big and bad too. He's very anti-social with everyone but his immediate family and one dog who he's been friends with since they were both little pups.

    Oh well, he's still my angel boy!

  6. Oh my goodness how hilarious (and mortifying!). You just crack me up, girl! :) So glad your Easter weekend was a joyous one!

  7. Recipe for the homemade sauce?! As much as I like a hilarious dogs gone wild story, the manfriend would DIE over the fact that I created anything in the kitchen close to homemade or Italian.

  8. Ha! My dog is totally a bully too and I am always so embarrassed. She's a little beagle and so sweet at home, but she always wants to fight other dogs!

  9. Such a funny recap! I've been there! My Harper has let others know this is her territory too! :)

  10. I am totally hearing you about Game of Thrones, was SO excited to watch it last night!! Hope the morning sickness has subsided.



  11. "If either dog had been wearing a weave, it would've been torn off." Thanks for the belly laugh to perk up my afternoon!

  12. Hahaha.. puppy drama.. love it. And I think I need to start watching Game of Throne from the beginning.. I keep hearing how great it is.


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