Caroline Rose: {Five Months}

Weight/Length: As of exactly one week ago, she was 12 lbs. and 8 oz. Caroline is also 23.5 inches long and her head is measuring 40 cm.

Still a little peanut of a thing, but MAN goes girlfriend have some cheeks on her! I could squish and kiss those puppies all day. And sometimes, I do.

Hair: Hasn’t changed a bit. Still brown and still growing fast : )

Diapers: Size 1 Pampers Swaddlers. We tried on a Size 2 and, um, nope. The dang thing came up under her arm pits, haha!! She has a teeny booty, that Caroline.

Clothing: 0-3 month in Old Navy and Baby Gap, 3 month in Carter's and most everything else. She still can't wear any of her Mud Pie clothes - they're huge on her! I've heard this is common for that brand??

Favorite Things: Her Sophie the Giraffe toy, her Bumbo seat with play tray, her Olivia the Pig doll and her jingle bell ball.

Likes: Right now, our petite princess loves: looking at books with bright pictures, having songs sung to her, music, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the iPad, bath time, getting her diaper changed. And "standing". She loves when we hold her in a standing position under her arms and let her put her feet down and straighten her legs. She likes this because it usually ends in us clapping and cheering for her like a bunch of buffoons.

On Wednesday in her stroller. 

Dislikes: The Nose Frida. Not funny, but kind of…she’ll grab the Frida when we’re trying to use it on her and hurl it at us.

Milestones: She rolled over from back-to-tummy on February 9th, then a week later started rolling from tummy-to-back. She began holding her own bottle around the beginning of February, also, right before she turned four months old. She is also starting to gear up for crawling and sitting. She also loves to "talk" and belly laugh, especially when her daddy plays peek-a-boo with her.

This month, she has also started imitating us. We can make a funny sound and she’ll mimic it. It’s so neat to interact with her this way!

She is also learning to pet the dogs. This delights Ruby (our miniature dachshund) to no end because she loves anyone who will dote on her. Ari couldn't care less, but he's a great sport while we let Caroline touch his ears and gently pat his head.

Sleeping: Up until the dadgum time change last Sunday, we were doing great, haha. She’s still sleeping through the night, but instead of going down at her normal time, it’s taking us about an hour longer to get her to sleep. We’re just being patient and looking it as though this just gives us more time to cuddle with her at night : )

She takes one long nap around 10:00 a.m. for two hours, then another nap around 1:30, then her final one around 4:30 p.m.

Mama Thoughts: 

Caroline is changing overnight these days. Clothes that fit last week don’t fit this week. Her little mind is like a sponge and soaks up new things every single day. I’m taking advantage of this and exposing her to as many things as I can. I noticed her staring at a flower in a vase on our countertop the other day. I took this opportunity for her to touch the petals, take in the bright red color and admire the beauty of this new discovery.

It’s true what they say.

When you have a child, everything is new again.

Faster than her little body is growing, is our love for her. I simply cannot imagine being more in love with another tiny human. I miss her terribly on the days that I work, although I do enjoy the time out of the house. But do you know what? That moment when I walk in the door in the afternoons and see her face light up - perfection. Can't put a price on that, friends.

Another stroller walk this morning.

Her blue eyes are getting bluer by the day, too. I'm still not sure if she favors Stephen or me more, but those eyes, y'all...those eyes. Someone said one day that she could probably cut glass with them because of the piercing blue color...I think they might be right.

Until next month, friends. 


P.S. Sorry about Confessional Friday, but I cannot get InLinkz to work this morning. And this little cutie took priority ; ) 


  1. Oh Leslie, Caroline is just too sweet for words!! The picture of her smiling just melts my heart, and those cheeks... gah! I just love them!! Children bring out the best in... well... everything! Even though some days are challenging, watching the world through their sweet innocent eyes is enough to bring me to tears sometimes. I love watching them grow, learn, and explore.

  2. So - when did y'all know her eyes were for sure going to be blue!? My husband has piercing blue eyes and mine are a honey brown. Our sweet P's seem to be teetering from blue to hazel but they haven't darkened. Your little is a doll! :)

  3. She is too cute. How is she already 5 months???? It's flying by!!!

  4. She is too cute and you can see both of y'all in her features. Happy Friday!

  5. Mud Pie clothes use to run small. I think they did change their sizing, but it was so confusing on my girls that I stopped buying them. Their leggings were just tiny!

  6. I just love her along with those cute little cheeks of hers!
    I think its cute how she imitates you all how adorable...
    Glad the puppies seem to enjoy her as well that is a good thing!

  7. Oh my word, she is soooooo cute!! And itty bitty!! Our little guy is moved to 6 month clothes at 4.5 months. So glad you are able to spend so much time with her!

  8. Ah I'm also loving the increase in interactions with our little one! It is incredible how silly us adults will act just to get a response from our babies :)

  9. Her eyes are definitely your's but I think her face shape is hubby's. She and my little Jensyn are just growing like weeds! I can't believe that next month they will be 6 months old! Do you want to go ahead and make a marriage contract now? LOL...j/k!!

  10. She is adorable, I love those pink little cheeks! She is petite, just like her mama. She is a beauty;)
    God bless

  11. One of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen… <3

  12. What a beauty! Love those cheeks. Super adorable!



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