Just Fur You: (Outfit Pics)

To take a line from  'Let It Go', the famed song from the animated-phenom Frozen, "The cold never bothered me anyway."

I'm in the minority and I tooooootally know it, but I don't mind winter. (There, I said it. I'm ducking in preparation for the objects being hurled at me.)

Vest via Belle Boutique (in store) // jeans here // turtleneck here // sunnies here // lucite bracelets c/o Savoir Faire (in store) // pyramid spike bracelet and infinity woven bracelet c/o Ettika
Hear me out, though. You see, I detest temps above 90 and really, really loathe crazy humidity. In fact, I avoid going to these sticky and hot places like the dadgum plague.

Yet, I live in Arkansas.

Ironic that we spend nine months out of our year sweating our tails off in this state? Perhaps.

All that to say, I'm doing whatever it takes to stay warm and toasty right now. And also doing whatever it takes to get more wear out of this furrrrociously awesome fur vest. (I had to...sorry.) And some bracelets from Ettika, my new favorite place to get accessorized via the interwebs. (Seriously, y'all have to check them out!)

What has been a staple in your closet for these cold and snowy months? Tell me, because I may need to add it to mine!


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  1. I am with you - winter never bothers me. My only issue right now is that I've been teased a few times here in AL with some really sweet 70 degree, sunny days - and then it's freezing again - like 20's. I would like to have spring, but let's pump the breaks on summer!!! Love this outfit and the accessories!!!

  2. I totally agree!! I love cold so much more than the heat and here I am in Texas! :) I'm trying to soak up these cooler temps because I know it will be over 100 before we know it. That vest is adorable and the bracelet stack is fab!! :)

  3. I love fall and winter because, like you guys, here in GA, we sweat for a good 7+ months of the year. However, now that March is here, I have to admit - I am ready to ditch the heavy coats and sweaters in favor of some lighter fabrics and brighter colors!:) Ask me how I feel in July/August though, and I'll be wishing for winter again for sure!!!

  4. I feel the same way about the weather! I prefer the cooler temps & hate the heat, but I am ready for it to warm up a little bit! I am in love with this look, so chic! I am obsessed with your vest!!

    Crumbs & Curls

  5. I'm with ya on winter! I always say {a little PG-13} "in the summer you can only be so naked, but you can always add layers in the winter."

    Those bracelets are stunning!

  6. Love the faux fur....I'm originally from Chicago so winters look a little different there. I will say though that fall leading into winter in Chicago is my favorite season anywhere...and that's when temps are similar to what winter is like in the south, if not colder...but pure winter...where you get a face peel from the wind off the lake? where your eyeballs freeze? and like I said I grew up there; i am hardy? No, thanks. Then again, I am with you about the humidity in the summers in Chicago. No, thank you. So basically I moved to Northern California and the weather is perfect. LOL www.wearflowersinyourhair.com

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  8. Normally I'm so pro winter! I love winter and I'm reeeally not a summer person (yuck I can't take the hot summer weather)

    ...until about two days ago. It seems winter finally wore me down up here in NJ. I'm ready for some 40 and 50 degree days now! Haha

    I love this though! Such a cute outfit.

    x Jenna at Maybe Lately


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