Confessional Friday

This week has been really short on content, but I did have a blast taking photos for Wednesday's post. I'm sort of addicted to hanging out with my kid, if you can't tell. And yes, she's even infiltrating outfit photos now...oops ; )

Let's confess, shall we?

1. I confess that I stopped at Starbucks on my way into the office Tuesday because I had a free beverage coupon. The nice barista asks for my order and I say, "Grande Caramel Flan latte with extra whipped cream." She says, "Okay, that'll be $4.39." And I say, "Oh, I have a tampon for that!"

Good lord.

2. I confess that I bought some of that Younique 3D mascara that everyone is raving about because I'm a sucker for beauty products. I'm not sure if I'm applying it incorrectly or what, but by the end of the day yesterday, I had TONS of flecks of dried mascara under my eyes. It looked like I'd taken a walk next to a volcano a few hours post-eruption, (read: ash-looking mess all over my face.

If anyone also bought this stuff and can give me some pointers on preventing the flecking, tell me. Again, I'm sure it's terrific when correctly applied; I've seen photos of other women wearing it and it's really impressive and beautiful.

3. I confess that I think a baby in a simple cotton onesie is just as cute as a baby in pink frills and lace.

4. I confess that I actually laughed out loud when the on-call pediatrician yesterday commented that Caroline had "weird, tiny hands". It was, to date, the most random comment on my kid I'd ever heard. Don't know if it was delirium from lack of sleep this week or what, but it made me laugh.

It also made me think of this gem:

Link up or drink up. (Coffee, that is.)


  1. haha, i had to laugh at the tampon joke... too funny

  2. You have mommy brain! but yum that latte sounds greats!

  3. Definitely laughed out loud when you reached for your tampon!

  4. I also have the Younique mascara and I'm not really a fan. They say after you apply the fibers to go over your lashes with the gel, but I still got flecks, and then they'd fall into my eyes throughout the day and they would irritate them so much! So I decided I'll save the Younique mascara for like a night out and stick to my regular mascara for everyday use.


  5. HA! Oh my gosh I'm SO glad you made that SNL reference! As I started reading your confession that was the first thing that popped into my head! The question is...did you see that as a compliment or an insult? lol

  6. Caroline deserves her own outfit posts haha such a cutie! What are some of your favorite places to shop for her? We have a little girl due in August and I am loving all the baby girl outfit shopping!

  7. Leslie, you are so funny. I loved this Confessional Friday!


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