Made in Shades

The sun is a’shining again here in Northwest Arkansas this morning; hope it is in your neck of the woods, as well! And in hopes of seeing more sun this weekend, I thought we’d take a look at sunnies and face shapes.


Round face shapes often get a bad wrap, and honestly, I’m not sure why. Some of the prettiest faces (i.e. Miranda Kerr) boast rounder faces. Another round face perk? Round face shapes tend to hold onto their youthful appearance longer than any other!
These sunnies here.

To add angle to a round face though, I would choose frames with almost architectural lines. A rectangle frame is great on a roundy. Also, look for darker frames, which help create more definition in the face.


You probably have a strong, angular jawline, you lucky duck. Squares usually have amazing cheekbones, too. You might want to avoid glasses with super hard lines that can make your face look a little blocky. Instead, go for a rounder lens to balance it all out.
ClassicRound Sunnies from Forever 21


Hope you love oversized frames a’la Audrey Hepburn because YOU can totally rock this look. Add width to a streamlined face shape with big frames. Plus, you’ll have peeps scratching their heads wondering which celebrity you are.
 Daisy Square Sunglasses here


I’m an oval. You’re an oval. Your mom is an oval. (Sorry, haven’t done a “your mom” zinger in a while.) But yeah, I'm an oval. 

A link to glasses similar to the above are included in yesterday's post.
To balance the curve of an oval face, oversized frames in a soft square or an aviator frame works wonderfully. (Ovals can also get away with a cat eye. I’m too chicken to try, but I think they’re extraordinarily fun!)


You’ve gotta lotta heart, you vixen, you. Heart-shaped faces, those with chins that are thinner than their foreheads, should look for shapes to balance the width of their faces. Look for frames a little wider at the bottom.

Mirrored Rose Gold Sunnies, here.


Caroline loves her new shades from Carter’s, a little something momma scooped up for her this week. We can all only aspire to look as chic in our sunglasses…


  1. Thanks for sharing this, I always struggle with finding glasses to match my face.
    Caroline is super cute to

  2. Your daughter is so stinkin' adorable in her oversized shades! Love it!! :-)

  3. Not gonna lie, I can't tell what face shape I am ever. But I have multiple types of sunglasses so either way I'm wrong. Lolwww.wearflowersinyourhair.com

  4. Great post ;) She is such a doll!

  5. Love this post but my favorite part was sweet Caroline at the end with those sunnies!!!


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