Feelin' the Burn

This is going to sound crazy, but I've been working out ALOT lately and I'm kind of getting addicted! I'm not sure if it's the endorphins you get from a hard workout, but I do actually look forward to hitting the gym or the pavement every day after work. My workout of choice is and always has been running; it leans you out, tones you up and makes you sweat like no other.
So here's some of what's on my workout play list on my iPod at the moment:

1. 1901- Phoenix
You've probably heard this song on the new Cadillac commercial, (if you're a marketing nerd like me and actually watch commercials). It's good, really good. And so is the rest of their stuff.

2. Gypsy Woman- Jonathan Taylor and Northern Lights
I heard these guys live a month ago and they are just crazy/good entertainers.
3. 3- Britney Spears
She's back and so are her signature, saccharin-sweet melodies. Extremely catchy song and kinda reminiscent of her earlier days. You remember, back when she dated Justin and washed her hair?

4. Funny the Way It Is- Dave Matthews Band
We all know how I feel about Dave...he can do no wrong : )

5. Paparazzi- Lady GaGa
I know, I know....she's crazy/weird/possibly a man, but she does write catchy tunes. The video is like something out of a bad dream, but the song is pure, pop gold.

6. Human- The Killers
I have a gazillion Killers songs on my iPod, so of course this makes the playlist.

7. Green Light- John Legend featuring Andre 3000
That John Legend, he is such a cutie pie! He was on Oprah last year and talk about a sweetheart. So he definitely earns a spot on my playlist.

Now for more important business:
  • Ladies, you have only 3 more days to sign up for the October Giveaway. So go now and enter!

  • I moved my blogger awards to my Photobucket page to clean up my side nav, because it was looking like an overly accessorized outfit. I totally LOVE getting awards though, so please keep em' coming!

So on that note...

  • Special thanks to Crystal Clear Proofing for giving me her Blogosphere Award. She also said some really sweet things about my lil' blog, which I SO appreciate.

Have a good Monday (yes, there is such a thing) and if you're feelin' crazy, hit the gym! Your bootie will thank you and so will your jeans : )


  1. Good for you that you are getting your work out on and enjoying it!! That's great. Let's just say it something I haven't quite gotten around to in a long time but when I did I enjoyed running too (on the treadmill).

  2. Good for you indeed! I loved your Britney comment "and washed her hair" I cracked up! I have a question for you - I've been wanting to start jogging, I've never been a runner but let's face it, it's free and would be great for me. Do you have specific shoes that you love? I've been searching for a running shoe to purchase but I hate to pay a ton of money and have nothing but foot pain to show for it! Now that it's fall I want to try my hand at jogging/running and help my little over weight doggie do the same! Keep up the great work girl - I love your blog!

  3. I love The Killers! They are awesome. Great choice of music for working out. I soooo need to put together a playlist that keeps me moving(and I need to get an ipod.. yes im admitting that I am sans ipod! A tragedy I know!).

  4. congrats on your award...totally deserve it girl! I need some of your workout motivation...can you bottle it up and send my way?! Love your playlist too. Hope your having a great night. = )

  5. I wish I could get back to working out like that! I too love to work out to Britney Spears!

  6. I absolutely love my New Balance Cross Trainers- I really think they might be the best running shoes I've ever owned. Brooks also makes a really great running shoe, which you can find at most sports stores!

  7. I'm so happy you said New Balance! I was waiting to hear "NIKE" I can't wear them for some reason the kill the arches in my feet. I will give these a look at the store. The last pair of sneakers I bought were actually New Balance - and while they are still OK for doing shopping and other odds n' ends they are shot as far as working out/running is concerned. Thank you girl!

  8. Good for you loving your work out ... When I start getting addicted to working out ... I quit. Addictions are bad....Lol!

  9. I love to work out too - and it's great in fresh air. Leaves me energized! Great play list.

  10. Please pass some of your motivation for the gym over the blogosphere to me! haha! And loving the playlist! :) Now off to check out that giveaway you speak of!

  11. I so wish I could get motivated like you! Two little ones keep me pretty active for now I guess. I love the music choices :)

  12. Wish I felt that way about working out! I guess I need to re-adjust my attitude about it. Rather than looking at it as something I need to (or should) do, I have to find a way to look forward to it and enjoy it! (Yeah, right! LOL).

    Thanks for the plug on my site - and I'm so pleased you're happy with the award! I love spreading a little HAPPY!!

  13. Popped into say hi! Great tips on songs--I run a lot too and I'm always needing new tunes!

  14. LOVING your playlist. Lady Gaga is one of my favorites!!!


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