The Nile Is a River in My Bathroom

I'll get to the title of this post in just a moment, but....I first need to say, I LOVE YOU ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS!!!! Our boys put up a good fight against the Gators on Saturday. I know Florida was probably just as stunned as we were to see us beating them at halftime! Ha! There were a couple of calls I didn't agree with, but I was so proud of our boys for showing them what we're made of! And to the Florida fans that read this, ya'll played a great game!! And that Tim Tebow sure is a cutie : )

So I got my hair done Friday night and LOVE it! I'm back to my former blonde self and feel amazing. Take a look!

After I got my hair done, I did some shopping at TJ Maxx with a friend. I managed to find 2 pair of Anne Klein patterned tights for $6.99 (originally $32) and 2 French Connection dresses for $10 a piece (originally $70!) Oh how I love me some TJ Maxx!

Saturday, my little brother had a cross country race in Fayetteville, which is about 10-15 minutes away from where I live. His race started around 11:30 and I was ready to head out the door to go watch him when I heard the sound of rushing water coming from my bathroom.

Now the last time I checked, I didn't remember seeing the Nile River in my bathroom. But Saturday morning I could have easily gone canoing right in the comfort of my own home. My toilet was running over by the gallons all over my bathroom floor. Apparently, there are some plumbing issues going on in our building and just flushing the toilet or using the washing machine is becoming a nerve-wracking task.

So instead of going to the race, I got to clean up toilet water. I would have taken a photo of all the drama, but I wasn't thinking of blogging at the time, haha

Anywho, after the toilet debacle, I headed on to Fayetteville to meet my parents for a post-race lunch. I also stopped into Kirklands (a home interior decorating place) while I was waiting on them and found the cutest night light for only $5.99! It even has my initial on it!

Sunday, my parents, brother and I went to the Promenade (an outdoor mall) and did some shopping. I found the cutest scarf for $6.99, which my mommy bought for me : )

I wrapped up last night by hitting the gym, talking to an old college friend in Louisiana and watching "My Antonio" on VH1. Yes, you are allowed to make fun of me for that last one : )

Random questions of the day:

1. If you could spend your Monday doing anything but working, what would you do and where would you be?

2. This is especially random, but I'm thinking of going to see the new movie Paranormal Activity this week with some friends and was wondering if any of you have seen it? Did it scare the poo out of you? I'm a little hesitant because I would like to continue to sleep at night.


  1. I love your blonde hair- so pretty!
    And I was so pumped for the Razorbacks this weekend!! What an amazing game! Woo Pig Sooie!
    And that nightlight is adorable- we don't have a Kirkland's anymore... bummer.

  2. 1. Given that I'm still a masters student I would say I would like to spend Monday getting caught up on the homework I DIDN'T do this weekend :) but alas ... I'm at work. Reading blogs, but still!!

    2. A friend of mine saw it and said she's never going to be able to sleep again. But she's got a low threshold for scary movies. However, she described it to me and I'm not going to see it. But I have an even LOWER threshold!!

    And I feel your pain on the Nile River. I was coming home on Thursday and saw our maintenance guy coming OUT of my apartment. Bad sign. Apparently my shower is leaking into the apartment below us. So in order to figure out why they pulled out some of the tile. Then he said half the shower is going to have to be pulled out and replaced - in the meantime he covered the hole with plastic and duct taped it (CLASSY). They were supposed to come fix it on Friday and haven't come yet. Oy!!

    Happy Monday!!

  3. Just stumbled across your blog and loved it! Too cute. Your scarf in the last picture is great. I must admit though, I was laughing at "My Antonio..."

    Ha! New follower and just wanted to say hi = )

  4. Yuck about the water. Annoying too! Love your hair color. Loved it before too, but still gorgeous. Great finds this weekend. We have a Kirklands here and have the most amazing deals - especially on lamps.
    1. I would spend Monday's drinking coffee (which I never do) and reading through my magazines and spending time working on designing our house.
    2. I don't do scary movies, period. They remain in my head and the scenes show up at the worst times, like in the middle of the night when I'm up checking on the baby - and all of a sudden I see images in my head of dead people, weird shaky scenes and all that junk. Not for me :o)

  5. Your hair looks gorgeous, I want to get my hair done soon! You are quite the little shopper - I love love T.J. Max and that scarf is darling lady! P.S. please come on over and enter into my giveaway if you love chocolate, enjoy your week sweetie!

  6. Your hair turned out gorgeous! I'm still debating on my color...Eeeew, I hate toilet problems! ugh, poor you.

    Ok, if I didn't have to be at work today, I would like to be at home today, finishing up some projects that I've started and can't seem to find the time to finish.

    I'm not going to see that movie because I am a total whimp! teehee! And I also want to be able to walk around my home and not be afraid!

  7. Love the hair! I was definately hoping for an Arkansas win this week. Oh well, they did play great!

  8. Oh I am loving the hair, that new scarf, and the cute little lamp!!!

  9. Love the hair! Girl, you had a successful weekend!! All of your purchases sound great and the pics are too cute! I love Kirkland's...it's a great place for all those neat little finds!
    If I could spend my Monday doing anything, it would be staying at home with my sweet girl (or at least spending the entire day with her) instead of going to work! =( Have a great night!

  10. Yay for blonde hair again! Although, i'm partial to brunnette! I wanted to let you know that I received the scarf in the mail today. Thank you so much; it's beautiful! I can't wait to wear it- probably tomorrow!

  11. Honestly- today if I could have done anything besides work it would have been to be at home baking and cooking for the week. Ben brought home an apple pie he and his mom made last week and that set the tone for home-cooked fall treats!

  12. Love your hair!! (and you have a very pretty profile, girly). :) So sorry about the toilet! :( And if I could spend Monday doing anything but working.. Today, I would have taken my Gracie dog to the park and probably gone to a movie! Both sound quite lovely right now!! :) XOXO! Lemme know if you like Paranormal Activity.. I kinda wanna see it!

  13. Your hair looks so great! I thought of you this weekend (how odd is that, considering I only know you through the blog-o-sphere - but all during the Hogs vs. Gator game I kept imagining you jumping up and down for joy. The hogs did SO well!!! I wish they would have won (sorry Gator fans).

    1. If I could spend a Monday doing anything other than work - I'd definitely sleep in, maybe have some breakfast in bed and if I felt like moving go out and enjoy the day but lately my biggest thrill would be staying in bed all day w/ a ton of new magazines and just relax all. day. long!

    2. I want to see paranormal activity SO bad - give us a full review WITHOUT spoilers if you go! :)

  14. Your hair looks great! I LOVE me some TJ Maxx too, you just can't go wrong! I can find so many designer cloths for the boys there for so cheap! I just got Jace some super stylish Paper Denim and Cloth jeans for $12.99, he's stylin' now!

  15. We have a kirklands here.. but I have yet to go!! Now I must.. that is the cutest night light! TJ MAXX is one of my faves.. you can find such great deals there. Your hair looks awesome!!


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