Trend Watch Wednesday: Style Watch A - Z

Do ya'll ever read Elle Magazine? I don't get to read it as much as I'd like anymore, but you probably are familiar with Joe Zee, the Creative Director for Elle Magazine. He's worked with every major designer under the sun and is one of my personal fashion heroes. I've been admiring his styling handiwork for YEARS. But, you might know him better from a little show on MTV called "The City".

Now simply put, Joe has the coolest job known to man. He is literally paid to go shopping and pick out amazing clothes and accessories for the pages of Elle. I was talking to a friend of mine (coincidentally also named Lesley, but with an "ey") at Junior League last night and we decided that this sort of job might not work out so well for us. Because we have a little problem known to some as "shopaholism."

We'd never be able to pick out only a few pieces for a feature...I mean, how could one girl choose only one Alexander Wang dress or one pair of Stella McCartney trousers??

Anywho...Joe has come up with a list of everything you need for this season, starting with the letter A and going all the way to letter Z. Think of it as a grown-up, uber-stylish version of the Alphabet Song. Here are some of the highlights and my favorite pieces Joe chose:


...and Houndstooth...

...and Cocktail Dresses, oh my!

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  1. I saw this episode on 'The City' last night; guilty pleasure! Glad to know that the article's out.

  2. I am loving all the Aviator and Houndstooth gear! sa-weet! Hope your having a great day! = )

  3. LOVE the houndstooth! My couch is covered in houndstooth, so as you can imagine, I love when it is in style.

  4. I watched the episode of 'The City' last night and was really intrigued by the A-Z list. I agree, he does have an amazing job. I was actually looking at a Houndstooth jacket so good to know it's in style right now! Thanks for the post!

  5. He does have the most awesome job. I NEED (haha) to transition in few years from fraud, into fashion analysis, so, I'll keep my eye on him!

  6. Do you have a link to his alphabet of style? I am all about those cocktail dresses! Bring on the holiday parties! Xo

  7. I would kill for that job! I would want to keep all the clothes though! Cute post

  8. I think I have that job....although mine isn't a paid position, and nothing is featured in a magazine. =) Seriously, the coolest job ever....and I Looooovvveee aviator and houndstooth!


  9. That job would be amazing! I am trying to find the perfect houndstooth piece!


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