Spooky Soirees- Just for the Girls!

I have seen Hostess With the Mostess on so many blogs, so a few weeks ago I went to check it out for myself. And what I found was a decorating gold mine...I LOVE, LOVE the girly Halloween ideas below:

Goulish Glam Dinner Party

This party is a flapper-inspired dinner party all centered around vintage elements; pearls, lace and an antique silver, black and white color scheme complete the look.

Ghoul's Night Halloween Party

It's a ghoul's night out! This party puts a gothic, but feminine spin on the traditional girl's night out. One idea: Use small, trial size make-up samples as party favors!

Spooky Chick Dinner Party

This party theme definitely features a more sophisticated look. I really like the orange roses in the center of the table...so very Pottery Barn!

Which one of these looks is your favorite?


  1. so cute! i may have to steal this idea!

  2. I loved this post!! I even had some coworkers take a look! I loved the wine bottles with the spiderweb labels. I think I am going to bring something like that to a Halloween party we've invited to!

  3. So glad you both liked it! I'm throwing a little get-together for my friends from work and I think I'm going to do the "Ghoul's Night" theme...I'm a sucker for anything black and pink : )

  4. This is really cute. Can't wait to see you use these ideas!

  5. Oooo - I love them all!! I love how Halloween decorations are moving away from just carved pumpkins and cobwebs. So many options.

  6. love the blog! ...those are such cute decorations, any excuse to throw a party is good to me! :)

  7. Awww I love this!!! If MDH and I weren't going to be on our honeymoon during Halloween, we'd DEFINITELY do a party like this.

  8. oops, ps- i think it's a tie between the flapper one and ghouls night - too cute


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