Frighteningly Fabulous Halloween Treats

Who else is so excited for Halloween this year?! I've always loved this time of year; the weather is cooler, everything is pumpkin flavored and good, scary movies are aplenty (even though I'm too big of a chicken to watch them alone!)

I hope ya'll enjoy it as much as I do, since I'm pretty sure alot of my posts will be Halloween-related from now until the 31st : )

On that note, let's dive right in to these calorie-laden treats! You can check out all the recipes in detail on Hostess With the Mostess

Photo courtesy of Hostess With the Mostess

Pictured clockwise are 1) "Devil's" Food Cake; 2) Ice Scream Sandwitches; 3) Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes; 4) Boo-tiful Cake

Looking for something sweet but calorie-free? Try Philosophy's Trick-or-Treat bath set! It features 8 oz. each of Pumpkin Spice Muffin and Caramel Apple bubble bath.
Now this is a way to store candy in style.

Bright Idea: Fill these apothocary-style jars from Pier 1 Imports with orange, black or brown M & M's for a chic Halloween decoration.

Check out these slate coasters from Anthropologie. They come with white chalk so they can be hand drawn with ghosts, goblins and more!

Bright Idea: Use them as place cards for a truly unique Halloween get-together!

And finally, just because I thought this was too adorable to not post, check out this Louis Vuitton-inspired pumpkin. Now that's what I call a stylish Halloween gourd!

Question of the Day: Will you carve a pumpkin this year, paint a pumpkin or buy a fake, pre-lit pumpkin from Target?

P.S.- A very BIG congratulations to my friend Rhyanne and her hubby Chase! On Sunday evening they welcomed their first baby, Cooper, to the world! You can check out Rhyanne's blog here and wish her well!


  1. I loved this post! Such cute pics, and October is one of my fave months!!
    I'm going to carve, as usual. Just one more way to squeeze all the Halloween traditions into this spooktacular month!

  2. I love those glass jars!! We have a pumpkin. My husband is DYING to carve it but I'm making him wait another week so it doesn't rot before Halloween!

    (Saw your comment on Simply Smoithwick, you did my survery thingy!)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is too cute. I love the Louis Vuitton pumpkin and the scream sandwiches look amazing.

  4. Oh, and I love Max. I have a dachshund too!

  5. I am a Halloween Aficianado I love to do it up BIG! I know that I will certainly carve a pumpkin or two this year but I am also hoping to try my hand at some painting as well. I do them at home and work though so I'm sure I'll get to!

  6. Omg I love the Louis Vuitton pumpkin! Way too cute, you always find the best pictures for your blog!
    I'm excited for Halloween too..two parties to go to, but still not sure what to dress up as??!!

  7. That is awesome about your friend. I love the name Cooper. We would have named ours that, but our last name is Cooper. Cooper Cooper didn't sound to good. Heehee. I love all the things you shared with us, especially the slate coasters. Oh we will be carving a pumpkin this year. It is so much fun.

  8. Ok I am drooling over those Halloween treats, they all look so yummy!!! I also love Philosophy's line of fun products, but they always make me hungry too ha ha! We are going to carve pumkins, this should be very interesting with the 2 boys! I've read alot of people bake the seeds and eat them, we might have to try that! I have no idea what that will be like, but sounds interesting!

  9. Those treats made my mouth water!! I'm sitting here smelling a pumpkin spice wallflower I got at Bath and Body works.. It's making me hungry, too. haha! And I love those coasters, chica! Great idea!

  10. Thanks for your comment! I could not have put together a better post! I want ALL of those desserts and I have a pumpkin that needs carving...LV anyone? Xo

  11. I LOVE Halloween... not sure why, I just do!! All of this got me even more excited for the spooky day!!

  12. Okay...I think I am in love with you. This is my favorite time of year. We will definately carve pumpkins. We have so much fun and love eating the seeds :)

  13. Grace, I love that you love my blog!! LOL I'm such a Halloween fanatic, it's not even funny!

    Thanks to everyone of you awesome followers for stopping by! Ya'll are fabulous beyond words : )

  14. omg how cute is all this Halloween stuff! Thanks for checking out my page!!!


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