Wishful Wednesday: Vacay Edition

Today is my very first Wishful Wednesday post and I couldn't be happier about the topic!

WW is hosted by Kelsey at the Seattle Smiths, so if you've never ventured over to her fabulous blog, you SO should!

I wish I was going on vacation to...Paris! I've always wanted to visit there and ever since my mom and bro went last summer, I've really, really wanted to go. I want to go with a boy though : ) Can we say hopeless romantic? LOL


  1. Just stopping by from The Seattle Smith's, who wouldn't love to go to Paris with a boy?

  2. Paris is such a romantic place and I want to go too!!!!!

  3. Your blog is alot of fun! Love the name...love all the products/things you feature and Maxx is a cutie pie! I adore those apothocary jars and had actually thought about putting candy (kisses) in the ones that I have...Philosophy is also a fave of mine!
    Paris...yes...you do need a man. I went with my sister the first time! Was looking soooo forward to getting my hair cut in Paris...by some hot stylist! I had a picture of how I wanted it to look and everything! BIG MISTAKE! She didn't speak a lick of English...practically knawwwwed my blonde hair off and tosses my head around so rough like it was a doll head! I balled crying when I hit the streets of Paris! Needless to say...it did not look like the picture I carried in! Never let anyone in PARIS mess with your BLONDE hair!

  4. Paris is great! We went at New Years last year and it was magical!


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