Trend Watch Wednesday: Skirt Alert

It's my favorite day of the blogging week...Trend Watch Wednesday!

This week is all about key pieces for fall, all courtesy of Urban Outfitters. The best part about the trends that are featured today is that they are flattering on women of every shape and size. One thing's for sure, wearing any of these pieces will ensure that you don't wind up on What Not to Wear : )

Let's get started with skirts. Ultra-low waisted jeans and skirts are a thing of the past. It's all about medium-to-high waisted pieces, which work double-time to disguise a tummy (not that any of us have a tummy, but if we did...)

Hawks by Geren Ford Pocket Poof Skirt- $68.00

Silence and Noise Solid Straight Sweater Skirt- $58

Ecote Peplum Skirt- $48.00

Repeat after me: "I (insert name), promise not to raid my husband's/boyfriend's closet for a blazer." Ladies, you MUST buy a women's blazer. Men's clothing is designed to fit, well, men. Meaning it's boxier, more square and wider cut. Urban Outfitters has done it right.

(left to right) Silence and Noise Open Front blazer- $78, Kimchi Blue Uptown Jacket- $58

Silence and Noise Blazer- $49.99

Military Jacket- $29.99

And finally, let's not forget one accessory that is always a key element of any outfit: your hair. It doesn't matter if you have short or long, curly or straight hair, anyone can wear a headband. And these are great for upping the style quotient of any ensemble.

Braided Headbands- (left to right) $18 and $16

Feather Headband- $9.99

Question of the Day: Have you ever been guilty of raiding a boy's closet for clothing you intended to wear? Be honest ladies, I know we've all committed our fashion crimes!


  1. Love love love higher-wasited skirts.... (for the most part) they're SO much more flattering.

  2. These are all very cute!! Thanks for sharing =)

  3. LOVe the short, high waisted skirts! I cant find any locally that I like.. I think you just convinced me to head over to Urban Outfitters online! (not that I needed much convincing.. hah) :) Good post, girly! I am in love with the trends this season.. which often doesn't happen and I'm left wondering if I have crappy taste.. haha! But this season, I'm totally with it. :) XOXO!

  4. Love the poof skirt. I am REALLY working on upping my wardrobe game so I appreciate the tips!!

  5. I love higher waister skirts with thicker waist bands - cute finds!

  6. I am loving the high-waisted skirts too!

  7. OMG! I saw the Title for this post and immediately headed over!! I love high waisted skirts!! I swear by this skirt: http://store.americanapparel.net/rsapm302.html?cid=151
    and of course you can't go wrong with blazers, cardigans and headbands!! Love trend watches :)

  8. I absolutely love short, high waisted skirt. I might not have a belly, but I definitely have hips, and these looks are much more flattering than the low rise trend.

    Thanks for sharing!!


  9. I am loving the headband trends, tights, and plaid shirts, but high skirts are not that flattering on me personally. I like pencil skirts, but not the ones that go that high, like in the pictures. They are gorgeous though!

  10. I've never really raided a guy's closet other than to get a tie for a school girl costume, a button down shirt to get my hair up-do'ed in - or you know a big tshirt to sleep in! But I've never really been into the "boyfriend" look myself!

  11. Love your blog, so cute! I am officially a new follower!

  12. Loving the short, high waisted skirts! Too fabulous!

  13. The first plum skirt by HAWKS Geren Ford is so flattering. They have navy & grey too.

  14. The hubs button downs are fabulous for wearing with leggings, pearls and cinching with a wide belt!


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