5 Minute Decorating Ideas

Contrary to what you are probably thinking, I actually have not fallen off the face of the earth...I've just been insanely busy over the last 4 days and, well, blogging has kind of taken a back seat to holiday craziness.

But today I'm back, hopefully for the rest of the blogging week. And in honor of this special, Christmas week, I thought I'd do my final "Surviving the Holidays" post. This week, we'll focus on last-minute decorating ideas for all the procrastinators out there (like yours truly)! If you're still struggling to get the house in order for visitors on Friday, hopefully this post will offer some ideas.

Blank Canvas

Tie a ribbon around a blank canvas for a modern, trendy twist on holiday art.

Fabulous Felt
Trim some 12 x 12 squares of red or white felt as a frugal yet chic alternative to expensive placemats.

Hear Them Ring

Wooden quilting rings make adorable "chandeliers" for a dining room or breakfast nook. Simply attach two quilting rings together, (one slightly smaller than the other), and hang with clear wire above a table or shelf for an instantly artsy look.

Unpainted Candlesticks

I never considered unpainted candlesticks "chic" until I saw them on realsimple.com. But I LOVE the way these look, especially with the contrast of bright red or white candles.

Bowl of Bells
Tired of poinsettas? Try filling a clear vase with small jingle bells for an appealing decoration that won't wilt.

Knitting Needle

Use knitting needles to "spear" placecards to add an artistic element to your dining table.

Simple Snowmen

Plain, white foam balls and simple, red twine make the perfect modern snowman. Have the kids join in on the last minute craft project for some pre-Christmas fun!
P.S.- Don't fret, Trend Watch Wednesday will return to it's regular schedule next week!


  1. Cute ideas! I especially love the blank canvas one.

  2. Love these ideas! So simple, modern, and elegant. Almost makes me wish I were hosting Christmas this year, so I could try some of them out. Almost.

  3. I love the "bowl of bells" - if you have leftover ornament balls that you didn't use on the tree you could use those too!!

  4. Hey girl! Sorry I have been MIA, I updated my URL- I didn't realize how complicated it would be :o...please, don't ever lose touch with me because one day I'm going to need you to help decorate my home sweet home! Merry Christmas, hope you have been well! xoxo Mitsy

  5. I tagged you for two awards! I know you have already gotten one of them, but just know how much I enjoy reading!

  6. GORGEOUS DECORATING IDEAS!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!

  7. The most beautiful things to me are most always simple. Loved everything. Merry Christmas.

  8. Those dining room chairs are insane!! LOVE THEM! And a bowl full of bells?? One of the best ideas yet... I am definitely adding that one to my decor!!!

  9. Merry Christmas Leslie, beautiful decorations as always. Enjoy your holiday!


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