Mind Your Manners

If any of you out there read "O" Magazine, you've probably heard about Etiquette Avenue, this cool new iPhone app that offers etiquette advice for just about any social situation.

Etiquette Avenue was designed by a team that provides business etiquette, international business protocols and dining skills for both huge corporations and individuals.

We've all been at that awkward formal dinner staring at the silverware and trying to figure out which spoon to use, or wondering which glass is yours. Well now, it seems, there is an app for that, too : )

In addition to providing dining etiquette advice, EA also covers best practices for welcoming and hosting international friends or clients. They even give you a list of suggested talking points for those times when you're stuck mingling with a bad conversationalist.

For only $2.99 on iTunes, you too can have your very own etiquette coach at your fingertips 24-7.

So what do you think? Is this an app you would consider downloading?


  1. I wouldn't download it but that's just because I am older and raised by an older generation so I was taught basic ettiquette by my parents and grandparents. I do like it tho for younger people - I see so many who seem to have never been taught simple things like how to say thank you!

  2. Mannnnn... it's times like this that I wish I wouldn't have gone for the blackberry and went with that iphone... maybe next year! Maybe!

  3. I was raised British so I don't think I lack anything in that area! In fact I'm pretty I get on my husbands nerves with it since he's a country boy! hahaha :)

    btw you have an award on my blog!!! xo

  4. that should have said "pretty sure" lol

  5. Oh, I have known that for a while!! I NEED this app! I remember when I was little my friends and I would watch "etiquette" videos for fun before tea parties! And manners are a total peeve of mine, I can't stand someone who won't say, "please," or "thank you!" I hope you're staying warm and enjoying your holiday season! Sorry, I haven't been around! I am DYING for this week to be over so I can catch up around blogger! XO

  6. it seems that if we aren't careful, iPhones just might be able to take over the world...

    happy Tuesday lady!

  7. Not bad of an idea ... but if you don't read up on the etiquette before hand, it may be against proper manners to pull out your iPhone and look it up! ;-)

  8. Oh my gosh Iphone has so many cool aps! This is crazy! I officially need an IPhone asap, but why does the plan have to be so expensive!

  9. I love this app! I have a blackberry though and can't see myself switching over to the IPhone. Great idea though. Thanks for visiting today honey and commenting on my Public Enemies post. I hope you all aren't getting sick of my film trivia! I love it too! Have a great "hump" day doll. Kori xoxo

  10. I have a Blackberry too.. and my Itouch just got shattered.. if I could replace it.. would it work on that too..?
    What a great post and blog!!


  11. Hi Cat- I do believe it would work on an iTouch!! Most of the apps convert pretty easily, so it would definitely be worth a shot! Have a great day!


  12. cute idea!~ I love that 1st picture!


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