Trend Watch Wednesday: On the Bright Side

Hey Blonde Ambitioners, guess what? It's Wednesday! Time for some trend watching.

Are you currently in red/green overload from the holidays? Me too. So I thought we'd have some fun and take it easy on the holiday posting this week. Instead we'll talk about plain ole' home decorating trends. Not holiday decorating, just regular decorating.

Enter bright colors...

Please ignore the magnifying glass with the plus sign in the middle of the photo below...I could not get rid of it, haha!

Bold blues, pinks, purples and limes are kind of hot right now and the good news is, you can mix and match to your heart's content! In fact, if you choose to go the multi-color decorating route, be sure to use lots of different shades and hues, just to keep things interesting.

The number one rule about decorating with color is to have fun. So bring on the fuschia and turquoise...
Stay ambitious, lovelies!

Photo credits: Z Gallerie, Zara Home and Anthropologie


  1. I LOVE these colors! I would use plates like the ones you have in the picture all year long (not just at the holidays)! The stemware is fabulous too! Ahhh... Semi-obsessed with these colors now :) Thanks!

  2. Good post! Awesome color choices and oh how I love me some Anthropologie!! I wish I had one in Tulsa! :)

  3. I love the purple glasses...very retro!

  4. I love the colors... I need to get rid of the kids so I can actually have these sorts of things in my house ;)
    Or I guess I could wait until they are a bit bigger and then invest ;) lol

  5. Love these decor options, especially the differently colored glasses!


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