Party Like It's, Um...2009

Hello beautiful people! If you're reading this, you've made it to the end of yet another year, haha. As with every New Year's Eve, I have that stinkin' Prince song in my head. "We're gonna party like it's 1999." Er, um, 2009. Guh.

Now, I'm not usually one of those people who sets "resolutions" each year; I mean, I resolve to do alot of things better, but more often than not, my ideas don't make it to fruition : ) Ah, the best laid plans...So this year, I'm calling it "intentions." Meaning, I intend to do the following in 2010.
May I present, Leslie's Top 10 New Year's "Intentions"

1. Finally organize my closet. Nothing in the world makes me happier than a big, fat closet. Especially one that is well organized. Mine isn't that bad, I mean, it is arranged in color catagories and all...but, I want to add some cool shelves and maybe a nifty shoe rack.

2. Use my Chi iron less. I've been accused by my hair stylist of flat-ironing too frequently. Guilty as charged : )

3. Cut back on tanning. I'm not going to say I'm quitting, (because we all know that won't happen), but I really should cut back on trips to the tanning salon. Otherwise, I'm afraid that one of these days I'll look like one of those horrible orange people from Jersey Shore.

4. Spend more time volunteering with Junior League. See, not all of my goals are shallow, haha. Unfortunately, I'm guilty of attending more of the social events than actual volunteer events, which is really what J.L. is all about.

5. Go back to Europe. Since my trip in 2007 I've wanted to go back, so I'm kind of in the very early stages of planning a vacay to Prague and Sweden for this coming summer.

6. Learn to drive a stick shift. I have NO clue how to drive a standard and for some reason, I think this might be important. I mean, what if there were an emergency one day and the only car available were a stick? I'd be screwed.

7. Finally get some artwork for my bedroom. I have this ginormous wall opposite my bed that has been bare ever since I moved in. I haven't seriously searched for something yet, so I'm getting down to business starting next month.

8. Cut back on Starbucks. Actually, scratch that. It's not possible.

9. Redesign my blog. Everything you see here, I've done myself. But, now that I have 244 fabulous followers, it might be time to have an expert come in and overhaul the look of A Blonde Ambition.

10. Make a Bucket List. The recent death of a young family friend kind of reiterated the importance of doing everything you want to do, while you're healthy enough to do it. I've always kept a mental list of "musts", but never really put pen to paper to make a real list.

So it's time to share a few of your New Year's Intentions with the rest of us...what are your goals? How do you plan to accomplish them?

Have a safe and blessed New Year! See you in 2010!


  1. I love your NY Intentions - great word for it! Mine are the typical song and dance... eat better, work out, do something more for myself, love those around and take note of the wonder in everyday life. But this time I MEAN IT!

    Is the Chi really that awesome? I'm in the market for a new flat iron.

    Lastly - I don't know how to drive stick either and I turned 33errrr 29 this year ;) I really want to learn.

  2. I would do anything for that closet and driving stick rocks..you can drive some really spiffy cars once you learn how to do that!

  3. Your list might be my most favorite that I have read today :)
    I can relate to a lot of them and can't wait to see how you do this year!!!
    Goodbye 2009 :)
    Although it was kind enough to bring my many bloggy friends I am ready to welcome in 2010!!!
    Have a great New Years Eve my friend!

  4. Looking at a freshly organized closet is amazing - maybe I'll take this one on too!!

  5. p.s. check out this blog designer - http://designedbyleslie.blogspot.com/ - I came across her on Kelly's bloghops, so you may have already :)

  6. I love you new years "intentions"! My fav is #5! Prague and Sweden: my, my! Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to a year of wonderful posts!

  7. Love your list honey! I'm doing my own tomorrow! I love your blog the way it is! I wish I could tan, but feel too guilty doing it, even though I love it! Have a great new year friend! Kori xoxo

  8. I love your goals and you can totally do it Leslie! I like your art goal and travel back to Europe, I want to do that as well. Happy New Year!

  9. I love that closet! Although, it's nearly as big as one of my bedrooms-ha!

    I know tanning can be addictive, so that's a really good intention to have. Although (and I know this sounds preachy) waaaay too many young people are dying because of skin cancer so try, try to cut it out completely if you can!

    Learning to drive a stick shift is a fantastic idea! My first car was a manual so that's what I learned to drive on and I'm almost positive you'll pick it right up!

  10. Go to Europe and get my closet organized...I'm up for that! Happy new year!

  11. Those are great resolutions. I end up reorganizing my closet like once a month...MDH is an organization freak, and every few months we go through and reevaluate.

    My resolutions are to exercise more, accomplish some of my professional goals, and to keep in better touch with my friends.

    Happy New Year!


  12. New Year's Intentions - I love it!

    Yay for Europe! Prague is lovely and Stockholm has got to be one of the most picturesque cities I've ever been in. Plus, it has TONS of attractions. Wish I could go back!

  13. happy new year. thats a nice list. yes you should learn stick shift. i wanted to learn a long time ago but never really cared b/c it wasnt necessary until several years. a family friend was giving away a small car that happened to be stick stick shift. i didnt know stick then but since i didnt have a car the friend offered to give it to me. so i took it upon myself to learn stick and got myself a free car b/c of it. it can be important, you never know when you might need it. and once you learn you wont forget how to do it.

  14. i love your list : ) i agree with the learning to drive a stick shift, i have to learn to, i love europe, only been to italy though, every building is a masterpiece, the tanning thing is a good thing to cut back on, i support you there, but im as white as a ghost, never tan. as for starbuck, never had a friendship with coffee... i tried, we don't like eachother much, i think its to sour, it thinks i need to stop complaining. anyway, enough rambling on my part, i love your blog, if you want to know my goals they are on my blog under the Day One post : )

  15. Good resolutions! I need to clean my closet pretty badly too...lol

  16. Great list!! I also started using the Chi less this year. I'm going to get my hair cut this month, so I'll be interested to see if my hair guy notices a change, hopefully for the better!

  17. these are FANTASTIC resolutions... i LOVE the idea of reorganizing because i am obsessed with beautiful closets, and i'm guilty of the straightener, too!! can't wait to see the new {and improved} blog

  18. yay! thanks! just stuck your button back on mine! learning to drive stick is a goooood one! i would never own a stick- but it's one of those things that is just good to know! xo

  19. I love your list. I could stand to cut back on Starbucks too, but where's the fun in that?

  20. Fell across this post while looking for pictures of closet ideas (one of my goals for 2011)... cute blog, great post!


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