Trend Watch Wednesday: One Shoulder Wonder

(Dress by Ports 1961 from Neiman Marcus)

Happy New Year's Eve, Eve! Does everyone have an exciting night planned for tomorrow? I'm pretty pumped about mine; one of my good girl friends and I are heading to Fayetteville (a town about 15 minutes away from where I live) to listen to some bands and meet up with some other people for a proper NYE shindig. Should make for a fun evening!

Today's TWW is all about the one-shoulder party dress. I love one-shoulder designs. I mean, they're sexy without being over-the-top and they always look modern. Plus, if you have a great upper body, these styles of dresses are perfect!

Blowout Dress by Nanette Lepore

Ruffle One Shoulder Dress by Shoshanna

Sequin Dress by Thread Social

One Shoulder Dress by Moschino

Tulla Dress by Milly

Now for the big question: What are you wearing tomorrow night? Maybe a fun cocktail dress, your favorite jeans or something completely different? I haven't decided on a final outfit yet, but I will definitely be posting pics of whatever I end up wearing. Have a fantabulous day, friends!

Photo credits: shopbop.com and Social Couture


  1. I'll take one of each, please! :)

    I still don't know what I'm doing tomorrow night!

  2. I'm with Michelle. I'll take one of each. I will be wearing some pj's from Victoria's Secret tomorrow night. A low key evening with the hubby and pup! Happy New Year!

  3. I'm loving the Asymmetrical Dress with Bow by Thread Social and the Tulla Dress by Milly. Def must-have's!! I'll either be sporting a sequence number or sweatpants....haven't made up my mind quite yet:)

  4. All of those dresses are AMAZING!!! I love one shoulder dresses! Happy New Year girl :)

  5. I love one-shoulder dresses! Something about them really works for me!

  6. I'm staying in tomorrow, but if I was going out (and skinny!) I would totally be all about the one shoulder dress :)

  7. I am staying in tomorrow too so I probably will be wearing my Juicy Couture track pants...so comfy! But, I would love to buy that sequin dress for my Vegas trip. These dresses are gorgeous!

  8. The ports and Tulla dress are both gorgeous!! Oh, I love, love them!

  9. We were just talking about this, actually. I want to go downtown for the "peach drop" party, but it's supposed to be rainy and gross and - let's face it - no one wants to be outside in that. So we may stay in with some friends - which is just fine with me. :)

    (although those dresses are soooooooooo pretty!!)

  10. LOVE the look - HATE strapless bras!!! :)

    Hey girlie Happy New Year & Come Get your Award! ox



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