White Out

Apparently, I'm on some kind of a home decorating kick this week. Maybe it's because I've finally gotten all the boxes unpacked and everything hung on the walls (after 2 years, mind you) in my apartment.

Whatever the case, please humor me while I get this little interior decorating binge out of my system : )

Anywho...fall is drawing to a close and winter is upon us. And what color reminds us of winter? Well, white of course.

The use of white tends to make spaces look larger, cleaner and brighter. It also allows you the freedom to utilize lots of fun, random colors and metallics for your accents.

Our friends at Canadian House and Home (shout out to all my blogger friends in Canada!) have some amazing photos of white rooms and decor that are just bound to inspire.

*Photo credits- All photos come courtesy of the fabulous Canadian House and Home.


  1. I love the simplicity of WHITE during the holidays. Everything looks so clean and refreshing! I'm so happy that you are on this binge of interior decorating because it is giving me a lot of fun ideas! Thanks!

  2. i love how fresh looking white decor/design is...if only my little ones didn't always have jelly, etc. on their little hands!

  3. Love it!! Do you read younghouselove.com? They LOVE white.

    I was housesitting for some VERY wealthy men a couple of years ago and they left me a note saying I could stay in the "white room." I was really confused until I got upstairs - literally everything in this room was white. The painted the walls, floor, ceiling. White wicker dresser and bedside tables, white bed frame and big white down comforter and pillows. It was impressive.

    p.s. Thanks for your comment - my finger is still twice the size as my other fingers :) but I'm getting pretty proficient at typing with 9 fingers.

  4. Your apartment must feel so much more like home now! You have to be inspired, so I'm sure it was worth the wait! Funny that you should mention winter-white, I was thinking ahead for some winter decorations for after Christmas, and WHITE would be divine!

  5. Love, love, love these photos! So fresh and so clean lol! Thanks for commenting on my post today honey. Hope you are having a great day! Kori xoxox

  6. Love the white! I too am a lover of white in decorating.

  7. Beautiful!! I love white.. but with a hubby.. dont have too much of it ha ha!

  8. Love it, everything is so crisp and beautiful! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so glad that you received the card and enjoyed it. XO!


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