Cut It Out

Cutout tops, dresses and pants were recently named one of the Top 10 Trends of 2009 by shopbop.com. I'm personally a huge fan of this trend, hence the reason for this post : )

Cutouts offer a bit of sexiness without being vulgar. So if you're looking for the perfect outfit for that Christmas party or New Year's Eve soiree, think cutouts!
Here are some of my fave finds that feature cutouts:

Alexander Wang- Tailored Jacket with Rivets

Leyendecker- Intuit Dress

Alexander Wang- Cage Dress in White

Charlotte Ronson- Twist Detail Top

Charlotte Ronson- High Waisted Shorts and Alexander Wang- Lara Combat Boots

Pencey- Open Back Dress

Pelle Moda- Jaron Platform Sandals
*All images courtesy of shopbop.com


  1. I wish I could pull that off... I really don't think I could! A girl could wish though right?!

  2. I love cutout dresses and these are amazing! I love the red one!

  3. These are so sassy!! Maybe I'll be daring and try a cutout dress one of these days...

  4. oooh how fun!!!!!! I love the cutout dresses! Very sassy!


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