Surviving the Holidays: Gift Ideas

Merry Tuesday everyone! I hope all of you made it through Monday relatively painlessly.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm often stumped when it comes to finding gifts for some of my friends/family. It's not that they're "hard to buy for", but they all have very specific taste.

So as part of my "Surviving the Holidays" series, I'm going to compile a little mini-gift guide that will hopefully help give all of us some ideas.

Today, we'll focus on the ladies, but Thursday I'll be offering up some ideas of what to get for the men in your life. Because let's face it, it's hard to buy for dudes.

Let's start with...

The Fashionista

I heart this bracelet from Neiman Marcus. It actually comes in a few colors, but the green was my favorite. $45-Neiman Marcus

Yours truly just bought this scarf last night as an early mini-present for myself : ) It also comes in black/white leopard print, but I loved the brown cheetah print. $18- Shop Suey Boutique

The Domestic Diva

For all those Martha Stewart-esque friends and family, I thought this little apron was adorable. And as we all know, houndstooth is so hot this year. $27.95- Hostess Jo

This fruit bowl is like a piece of art. Wouldn't it be so pretty displayed on a kitchen countertop? $45- Uncommon Goods

The Wino

For all those wine connoisseurs in your life, this cork cage can hold a bottle of wine or just the leftover corks. And it's totally cute! $24.95- Hostess Jo

I'm loving this oh-so-chic cheese board and spreader. How perfect for a wine-lover!

The Green Goddess

These reusable, earth-friendly totes are all the rage in "green" shopping right now. One of my bosses actually gave me the bird bag (featured below) and I have used it so much! $30 for a set of 2- Cambria Cove

I immediately thought the whole concept of this journal was cool. It's plantable! Yes, you read it correctly...your gift recipient can fill the pages of this journal with all their words and deep thoughts, then plant it in the ground. In a couple of months, it will produce a beautiful patch of wildflowers. $25- Uncommon Goods


  1. i love all of these things! going down the list i think i said ohhh... for all of them!

  2. loving all of your finds...esp. the bracelet and the apron. this girl loves to bake!

  3. Good ideas!!! Esp love the bracelet!!!!

  4. Wow! Great gifts to choose from! My mom would love the wine bottle holders and I would love the cheetah scarf!

  5. Yeah.... I am beyond broke until I get my student loans again next semester, and yet I went right to the Shop Suey Boutique and got that scarf. It is awesome!! Thanks for the heads up :)
    And did I see correctly that this is your birthday week!??!! Eeeeeeeee!!!! How fun!!!

  6. Love all these. Great gift ideas!!

  7. LOL!! The Wino.. love it! Great selections. That bracelet is sooooo chic.

  8. Thanks for the ideas! I have a hard-to-buy-for friend that I'm going to get the cork cage for!

  9. That journal is a cool idea- but you'll have to be willing to part with all your thoughts- it could be totally awesome for someone in recovery from something- write down all your hardships, bury them, and watch them bloom into something beautiful- how poetic!

  10. That apron is so sweet looking and I like the accessories for the wine! Thanks love for showing off all of these lovely products!

  11. I love the bracelet, and that last one, the journal. That is pretty cool right there :)


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