Monday, Lovely Monday

Hello, my people. Hope you all had a great Monday, (or at the very least, a bearable one.) I'm out of town for a couple of days for some appointments, etc., so blogging is probably going to be scarce. The next two months around our house are going to be CRAZY as I adjust to my new home-based job, Stephen will be traveling to New York for work and I'll be getting ready for a surgery at the beginning of March, right after NWA Fashion Week. Whew!

I am reminded every day of just how amazing my husband is. Last week was rough, as we got some info that we weren't expecting. Like I mentioned above, I'll be undergoing a surgery at the beginning of March and obviously, I'm thrilled and elated.

Stephen has been an absolute God-send though. Every night last week and this weekend when I would get upset, he would scoop me up and let me bawl like a baby. I really, really love my husband.

So I decided to take the night to blog a little bit before the hectic next few days of work and life ; )

1) We have a new pet. We are unsure of the genus or species of this pet. It is a critter that has taken up residence in the vent of our clothes dryer. We've been hearing these tapping noises coming from our laundry room at night, but wrote it off to the water heater (which tends to be noisy during the winter). I was in the shower on Sunday when Stephen ran in and said, "I don't want to alarm you, but we have a critter stuck in the dryer vent."

Me: "Um, yeah. That's not good. Can you ask it to leave?"

Stephen: "I tried. When I unhooked the vent, it ran back inside."

Me: "Well what is IT?!"

Stephen: "Not sure. But it's big."

Splendid. Dandy. Swell.

On a positive note, I'm sure that I'll be able to load and unload my dryer and washer in record time now, as I'm not so comforted by the thought of sharing our laundry room with an unknown, vent-residing varmint.

2) I wore a "perky" ponytail today. Like, very high school cheerleader-ish. I liked it. If I can recreate it tomorrow, I'll snap a pic. Because I know that you sit around your house awaiting my next coiffure with bated breath...

3) Because I was in Little Rock today and tomorrow, I'm staying at my parents' house tonight in Central AR. My mom is currently baking cookies as I type this blog post and the smell is KILLING me. I may have one later.

4) ...or five.

5) I am oh-so-excited for the return of Sweet Home Alabama. I know it's a cheesy reality show and the contestants don't really shine a positive light on we Southern folk, but hey...it's great TV, in my opinion. And the main character is named Paige, (which also happens to be my middle name.)

6) I got a new chair for my home office which is under renovation as we speak. It's luxurious and opulent and upholstered in leopard print fabric. Can't wait to show y'all when the whole thing is finished!

7) I'm already sick of political campaigns. And 2012 just began...

8) Know what I'm not sick of though? YOU.   ; )

Talk to y'all on Wednesday!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Wishing you the best with the surgery! Hope it's nothing serious!

    Happy Monday! Enjoy those cookies!

  2. Prayers and good thoughts for your upcoming surgery. God is good and will carry you through!


  3. Praying that your surgery goes well!

  4. i do hope your surgery is minor and all is well as soon as possible!!!

  5. I'll be thinking and praying for you and your surgery Leslie!! Keep your chin up!

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  7. I'm so sorry to hear about your recent health problems, but so thankful that you're able to rely on your hubby.

    Congrats on the new home-based position!

  8. Sorry to hear about your having to have surgery. Thank goodness you have such a sweet husband to take good care of you.

    I've been trying to find an office chair myself... It's tough to find something chic on the cheap, though.

  9. I hope all goes well and smoothly during your surgery :)

  10. hoping your surgery is nothing serious!! thinking of you!

  11. Sorry to hear about your surgery--I'll say a prayer for you for sure! You eat 5 of those cookies girl--you deserve it! :)


  12. Hope everything is ok...and that the creature vacates your dryer...now! Have some cookies and relax.


  13. LOVE the keep calm sign. I love all of them, and especially admire Kate Middleton, so it's perfect. Hope you have a great week!

  14. i'll be thinking about you and praying for you!! can't wait to see pictures of the new home office! how lucky you get to stay home and work! my dream job!! :)

  15. Prayers for your surgery and recovery! Eat those cookies...every girl deserves a sweet treat now and then : )

  16. Everything will go so smoothly with your surgery!

    I sure hope you ate at LEAST one cookie- and can't wait to see the chair!

  17. Hope your surgery goes well! I am also very much over the presidential elections!

  18. Good luck with everything girl! I am glad you have such a great hubby. Sounds like the best! :) Keep us posted and know we are definitely praying for you!

    Sorry about the "pet." Maybe he really isn't THAT big...?

    I hate campaigns too! So over them!

  19. I hope the surgery goes great!

    Hmmm...hope your new 'pet' leaves peacefully and easily, are there any humane animal relocaters in your area?

    Working from home is very much my ideal, was this a part of the job that you sought out? Congratulations on that!

  20. We had a BIRD that got in our dryer vent! It finally flew out and was just as scared as we were! haha! I hope you get to the bottom of the critter sitch soon!

    Sorry to hear you're having surgery, friend! Sending well wishes and prayers for all to go well...

    And home based jobbidy?! Did I miss this exciting news?! Probably. I seem to catch up on every third post these days. Ready to move in with Eric so I have more Jackie-time. My roomie doesnt understand the ways of the blog. Anyhoo, Congrats! That's super exciting!

  21. I love me some sweet home alabama although my husband made a good point ... if it's called sweet home alabama why aren't the bachelor and bachelorette from AL? Well I know originally she was... but it seem silly. That being said I get the chain of events. I find it odd that this season the runner up that Tribble didn't choose wasn't chosen and Paige was... then again maybe the runner up declined. Paige is a doll - I will say that some of the dudes from the South are not painted in the best light but they really are better than those city boys they find... it's horrible and THEY are horrible. I'd take a southern boy over them any day and I'm from the city.

    I am sorry to hear you're having to deal with surgery. I hope you are ok!! I know we don't know each other well but I'm a great listener if you need anything holla!

    UGH VARMITS IN THE VENTS! We have had issues with this too in our crawl space at the house! I hate it. When winter comes all the stray cats and animals flock to our home for some reason. We have since plugged up all the crawl space holes but they still get in. Cats most likely but once there was a 'possom. Yes.. you read that right. I hope your varmit gets out of there ASAP!!!

  22. LOVE the name Paige :)

    Tons of prayers to you!

  23. Wishing you luck on your surgery! Will keep you in my thoughts !

  24. Praying that your surgery goes well!

    And my middle name is Paige, too :)

  25. Leslie - so sorry to hear about the surgery. Praying for you, lady.

  26. Sorry to hear that you will be undergoing surgery! I hope it is nothing serious but that is great you have such a wonderful man to lean on!!

    Yikes on the dryer vent!! I hope that your hubby can take care of that before he heads to NY!! lol

    Can't WAIT to see pics of your new office! I'm sure it is fab!! What is your new job? You are so lucky you can work from home!! :)


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