Weekend in Pics!

Hi there, y'all! Hope everyone had a fabtabulous weekend! As stated on Friday, we headed down to Heber Springs to see my folks and little brother. We spent Saturday riding 4-wheelers (or ATVs or Quads or whatever they call them in your neck of the woods, ha!) and cooking up a storm.

Sunday was my paternal grandparents' 60th Anniversary! (Yes that's 60 as in 6 decades of marriage!!!!)

To all you naysayers who say there's no such thing as lasting love....hush yo' mouths. Memaw and Papaw are living proof that yes, some marriages really do last forever.

Max also had a great time snuggling on Stephen's lap while watching the Cotton Bowl on Friday night. We were so, so excited to win! Our guys have really worked hard this year, which is also a testament to our coach Bobby Petrino, who motivates them to do their best at every single game.

Kansas State looked good and gave us a heck of a fight, though!

Okay, so.

Tonight is a leeeettle football game otherwise known as the BCS National Championship. I hear there are two SEC teams playing ; ) Can anyone confirm this?

Kidding aside, y'all already know the team in which I'm lending my support. Roll tide and go Crimson! I've always said, if I had to choose a 2nd favorite team other than my Hogs, I'd go for Alabama. It's nothing personal, I just like their colors. And their fans are SO MUCH FUN. And Southern Living is published in AL.

As you can see, I do some deep analysis of stats and players when choosing my football teams.

We had a lot of fun playing LSU earlier this year though, so either way this game ends up, I'm just pleased as punch that two SEC teams ended up in the Championship.

If you decide to watch The Bachelor instead of this game, you might need to reaevaluate your life decisions. Just saying ; )

P.S.- So I snapped a pic last Friday before heading to the gym of my now-emerging abs. I haven't had abs since college and this has taken LOTS of sweat to get to this point. I know this is shallow and silly, BUT for a girl that's dealt with a heart condition and someone who has fought some pretty crazy odds, I'm proud of my body.

I'm a long way from perfect, but I think we all deserve to pat ourselves on the back when we've worked hard for something.

(Please ignore disheveled bed and complete lack of make-up. I'm typically a better housekeeper and cosmotologist.)

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Hi Leslie!

    You look amazing! Could you either post your workout routine or email me - marla.lieberman.19@gmail.com? I would love to know what you do at the gym.


  2. Look at you! Looking healthy & fit! You go girl :) So motivating.

  3. Great weekend it sounds like!

    1) What a sweet photo of you guys with your grandparents! It will be such a photo to cherish for years to come.

    2) Adam and all of our friends are K-staters, so I was required to wear purple on Friday, but Arkansas is amazing and definitely deserves that win! COngrats girl!

    3) How cool! It is always so encouraging and self-esteem boosting to see results after hard work - you should be very proud of your accomplishments! And what an encouragement to the rest of us for New Year New Me! :)

    Happy Monday, lady!

  4. Girl, you look amazing!! Congrats on your hard work!

    PS - Geaux Tigers! :-)

  5. Congrats on all the hard work! You look great!

  6. Looking good hollywood! Props to you for getting where you are! That is sooooo awesome!!!!

    And so happy for your grandparents. I <3 older couples that have been married for so long. Makes me feel alittle bit better with all the Kim K's and Katy Perry's in the world!


  7. Leslie, you look AMAZING! Great job, sweet girl!

    So glad you had a wonderful weekend! Happy Anniversary to your sweet grandparents!

  8. First of all, your grandparents are so sweet. You are so right... true love is real. Secondly, I hope Alabama kills LSU tonight. I might even wear my houndstooth fleece pullover in support. Finally, you look incredible. I also have a heart condition. What is yours?

  9. 1. You look fabulous.
    2. Wooo Pig Sooie!
    3. If we must say it...Roll Tide! lol

  10. You look amazing. Congrats! I second the commenter who asked for your workout routine. I would love to see it or at least examples of a good workout routine!

  11. Ummmmmmmm.... can I please look like you?
    You look amazing!!! And good for you. All the hard work is paying off :)

    And congratulations to your grandparents... I can only dream of being married for 60 years :) That's an amazing accomplishment!!!

    Happy Monday my friend!

  12. congratulations to your grandparents!! My grandparents on my fathers side for 60 years as well. how wonderful is true love?

  13. To echo everyone else, you look amazing! Congrats!

    Where is your super cute vest from?

  14. You look amazing! I think you should share your workout/diet plan! :)

  15. You look great! And always have perfect hair :) I'm an LSU fan, but I am glad that you guys won this weekend though!

    xo. A Southern Bee Diary


  16. Your grandparents are too cute!

    Your abs look amazing. I've been following your "New Year, New You" series. Would you be interested in putting together a meal plan that resembles a typical week for you? I'm always interested in new ideas, recipes, etc.

  17. 1) Congrats on the abs! I know it feels great to accomplish things like that. And, not gonna lie, when I first looked at that picture, it took me a second to realize that there was a glare and your hair was in fact NOT purple. haha

    2) I'm from Russellville originally and now live in Little Rock, so I was pumped about the win! Not too excited on the way the announcers explained the game (It was pretty much unanimous among everyone I knew that they glorified K State and acted like Arkansas was behind until the end. Ugh.), BUT it was a great win for us!

    3) I believe it is such a beautiful thing to see long lasting love! My great aunt and great uncle were married for about 55 years before he passed, and it was amazing to have them as an example in my life.

    4) LOVE Heber Springs! I love to take mini road trips up to Little Red. Great place to relax (and fish if you like that sort of thing. haha)

  18. Dayyyyum! Lookin' good, Leslie! And for a second (because of the lighting) I thought you dyed your beautiful hair purple. Thank goodness it's the photo! Glad you had a great weekend! ROLL TIDE.

  19. Haha! Like Amanda, I thought you were showing us your new purple hair! Haha!! You have an awesome bod! I want it!!

  20. My grandparents also just celebrated 60 years of marriage as well!!!! :)

  21. You look great! And Roll Tide, Roll! This Razorback will root for 'Bama over LSU any day!

  22. work it girl! So jealous...if I wasn't preggers you would totally motivate me to do an ab work out right meow!

  23. YAY!!!! Rollllll Tide!!! I'm so happy to hear you're rooting for the Tide and I want you to know I was hootin' and hollerin' for your Razorbacks the other night and was SO happy when they won! They are after all my 2nd fave in the SEC! And yes my stats depend on a color system, mascot system and other very very scientific things ;)

    You look amazing! Well done sister! ox

  24. Leslie! you look AMAZING, congratulatons! keep up the good work, as for the game tonight I'm an Auburn fan so though I usually agree with you i'll have to say beaux tigers!! ha


  25. Loving the pics!!! and hey if you got abs flaunt them! i know i work hard for my body so dont apologize when you want to show it off :-)



  26. cute doxie!! i have one too! they're the best!

  27. dang mama you look amazing!!

  28. You have a great body and should be so proud of your hard work! Your abs and arms are awesome! I'm working hard on my abs/arms right now and have seen small results...you have now motivated me to keep going!! Way to go!
    Rambling About Reading

  29. Hottie with a body! Looking fabulous, love! Way to go on the abs and the toned physique!

    And I love that you say y'all btw.. Do you know some hussy made FUN OF ME at a party recently when I said "bye y'all" when we left. I heard her. She's no one's favorite person (a friend's rude girlfriend we have to put up with) but seriously! Arg!

    Love the weekend photos! Happy happy anniversary to a wonderful couple who demonstrates what love is all about! :) 60 years! That's so outstanding!

  30. You're abs look phenomenal? Is this from APY 60 or a combination of workout routines??

    Also, loving that picture of you and Stephen with your grandparents. Happy anniversary to them! xo Life with Elizabeth

  31. Whoo hoo lookin good, Leslie! You do deserve a pat on the back. Just like our hogs! Whoo pig Sooie!

    Also, I LOVE that white vest, so chic!

  32. You look absolutely amazing and I'm so happy to hear that you are pulling for the tide. I've always loved the hogs. I'm blogging during commercials, but I'm so happy with this game. Happy Monday!!!!

  33. it is so rewarding to work hard at the gym and start seeing differences in your body! such a great feeling!

    congrats on those abs girl. you should be super proud!

  34. Hey Leslie :)

    I third the other commenters and would love to see your workout. How many days a week and an example of what your meal plan looks like. I had my daughter Sept 13th around the same time you got married, so we both had BIG events to look forward to :) I'm just trying to get my body back and do 30 min treadmill about 4.2 speed then abs butt and thigh machine but would love to know what you do!

    You look great! Show that body off girl, you worked it :) I was watching Kelly Ripa and Brooke Burke workout on her show and I am so motivated, I just need to get a good routine and some ideas in healthy meals. I'm such a carb lover yikes!

    My email is lauraalison2001@yahoo.com


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