I wanted to take this evening to tell you all about the lovely Tess Labeth and her fabulous store, Savoir-Faire. I recently had a coffee date with Tess and got to ask her a few questions about the boutique, as well as her plans for the upcoming NWA Fashion Week.

Two things I should note before the interview:

1) Tess is seriously gorgeous. Classically beautiful with amazing style.
2) She's about as sweet as peach pie. And humble. And gracious.

When was Savoir-Faire established?

We opened on September 1, 2011. I actually began planning though in February of 2011, so it definitely took quite a bit of organization and thought prior to our launch. I'm a perfectionist, so I really wanted to think through all the details.

Tess (pictured in the middle, wearing the chevron-print dress) at the ribbon cutting of Savoir-Faire

What spawned your interest in participating in NWA Fashion Week?
Being our first year in business, I was honestly just flattered and excited that we were asked to participate. I also knew that it would be a great way to connect with other local boutiques, as well as with the NWA consumers! It was completely unexpected and I was honored to be invited to be a part of such a special event.

What types of styles and trends will we be seeing in Fashion Week from Savoir-Faire?
Our presentation will be Spring focused; lots of bright & bold colors, tons of texture and lots of layering!

Where to you see Fayetteville and the rest of NWA going in the next few years, in terms of fashion? And how do events like FW impact the future of NWA?
Due to causes like the current Shop Local movement, I think that local boutiques will continue to come together to produce events like Fashion Week. I think because of events like this one, small businesses will continue to not only survive, but thrive. There is so much talent in this area and it's such a tight-knit and special community; this will only help NWA in establishing and growing the local fashion community.

Why should people pay attention to NWA's fashion community?
There is so much talent in this region! From designers to small business owners to artisans, this area is rich in creativity. NWA is a fairly forward-thinking area when it comes to adopting current trends or embracing new concepts in terms of style. Locally-owned boutiques definitely have an advantage because consumers here want to own pieces that are unique and trendy.

What inspires the items you choose to showcase at Savoir-Faire?
Look and price-point are the two most important aspects I consider. I don't necessarily get caught up in brands or labels. My main focus is/was to carry pieces with classic, feminine silhouettes; items that truly flatter a woman's body. I also love bold colors and interesting textures. Additionally, price-point is also key when deciding what to put in the store. As a consumer myself, I want the average girl to be able to afford to look great and feel confident in her purchase. 

Do you have any personal favorite designers?
Just like with labels and brands, I never really focus too much on designers. Although, I was quite impressed with Victoria Beckham's latest collection. Christian Siriano also has some beautiful pieces. But again, I really just go more for "what looks great" and "what has the best shape".

What kind of girl shops at Savoir-Faire?
Savoir-Faire is a fresh take on everyday style. We feature lots of items that are classic enough for our young professionals to wear to work, yet still trendy and chic. My mom (who works in the store) even finds lots of pieces to wear. So there really is something for everyone here.

And finally, what inspired you to open Savoir-Faire?
I worked in retail for 10+ years and had a love and passion for the industry. With my degree (Tess graduated from U of A in 2007) and my previous experience, I knew it was time to do my own thing and live out my dream of owning a boutique. I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love. I also wanted locals to have a place to shop that was affordable and still stylish. That's what Savoir-Faire is all about!

If you live in Northwest Arkansas, get your cute patootie on over to Savoir-Faire and let Tess and her girls style you up in the latest trends of the season! Especially young professionals...if you are in need of work-appropriate attire that still says "I'm stylish", Savoir-Faire is your ticket.

You can check out the Savoir-Faire website here or their FB page here.

Stay tuned with more from Tess and many other participating boutiques and designers in the upcoming issue of Citiscapes Magazine, with a special piece about NWA Fashion Week! (Written by yours truly : )

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I LOVE those pieces! If I'm ever in Northwest Arkansas I'm totally gonna stop by!

    Thanks for sharing :)!

  2. Looks like such a cute store :)

    - Sara @ Gameday Stylist


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