Some Random for your Tuesday

Hi girls! Happy Tuesday and Happy New Year! Stephen and I are enjoying our day at home together and have no other plans than hitting up the gym later this morning for a workout. #Winning.

1. Took a few pics with the new iPhone this weekend. For those of you that don't know, I upgraded from the original 3G (yes, the first iPhone ever in the history of ever) to a 4 at the beginning of the month...so I still dig the improved pic quality : )

Tried a new way of curling my hair using only my dryer and a round brush!

Wore black and brown together...

Tried "barrel" curls - something I saw on Pinterest. I like!

Admired my ring...one year later : ) The Harry Winston-esque setting, the emerald cut, the baguettes....yup, I'm still in love. (With the ring and the boy, ha!)

And for those that never saw my wedding band, behold! I went with the pave stone band and lurve it!

We bought a new coffee table. (That's the pic in the furniture store. I would never own a rug that reminded me of Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat )

2. We saw the new Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows flick Sunday and loved it! If you liked the first one, you'll love this one. And it doesn't hurt that the dreamy Jude Law and rugged Robert Downey Jr. are in it.

3. Apparently Kim Kardashian announced that she's moving on from her decades-long marriage with Chris Humphries and "never looking back!" (Do you think she'll move on before or after she squeezes every penny out of tell-all books and exclusive interviews that she can?) I'm tired of the Kardashians. But just like roaches and rabbits, they keep multiplying. Le sigh...

4. I saw a trailer for The Hunger Games at the movie theater on Sunday and SO want to read the book now! It seems kind of like George Orwell's 1984 - meets- Stephen King's Running Man. (Two very good reads, in my opinion.)

5. Didn't tune in to The Bachelor last night. Instead, Stephen and I watched the bowl games on TV. We were so sad that Georgia lost...Dawgs, we were really pulling for y'all!

6. On that same note, let's all hope that our Hogs put a whoopin' on KS. State at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas on Friday.

7. Our Christmas decorations are not even close to being down yet. I plan to start this week. (And by "plan" I mean I probably won't because I'm excellent at coming up with excuses for not taking down holiday decor.)

8. As you can tell from the pic with the ring, I am still pale and without spray tan. But not for much longer. My pasty rear is getting blitzed with mist this afternoon at Calypso Tans. I can't take looking like Casper's twin any longer.

9. This is a serious random. Are any of you out there migraine sufferers? I've had migraine headaches from time to time since I was about 12. They used to only occur once a year. Now, I'm getting them about once a month. They are awful; I see spots, I get nauseous and my hands and feet tingle. I can't be around light or sound. They send me to bed for the rest of the day.

Should I go to my general physician or straight to a neuro? Are there any non-OTC medications that have helped you? I sought medical attention for these years ago, but my doc attributed it to puberty and said they would probably go away. Well, 15 years later, they haven't ceased.

10. A few of y'all have emailed me and S about cleanses. I completely understand wanting to get a jump start on weight loss, but we tend to strongly advise people NOT to do cleanses. Sure, you'll lose water weight, but this wreaks havoc on your metabolism. Instead, just start with a clean diet and regular exercise. Long term, this is your best bet for losing pounds and inches.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I would go to a regular doctor first, they can give you things to try maybe instead of jumping straight to meds. I like the holistic approach.

    I love, love the barrel curls: )

  2. I started getting migraines around the time I was 12 too, and like your symptoms, mine rendered me useless. No light, no sound. I had to concentrate on each breath just to control the nausea. After several rounds of doctors who only wanted to prescribe meds (which i really did not want to take), I tried a chiropractor. I know some people think Chiro's are weird, but it totally helped and I really love my chiropractor. He was able to explain reasons we get migraines and show me how to fix the issues. I've been migraine free for almost 8 years :).

  3. I have battled with migraines and the prescription imitrex (or generic sumatriptan) has worked for me.

  4. I'm RIGHT THERE with you on the Random Tuesday post. The holidays have me all mixed up!

    Holiday decor should NOT be taken down quickly, that makes the Christmas season lose the last bit of magic. ALways so sad this time of year.

    Good luck to your HOgs!

    I have never had a migrane but my BFF suffers from them and couldn't figure out why. Then she went to acupuncture and she said they MELTED away. She had to go a few times a week in the beginning and then it became much less frequent. She SWEARS by the acupunture. I HATE needles but started an acupuncture treatment for an injury and it WAS NOT BAD! I PROMISE! Let me know if you want more info.

    oh ps.com love the hair! xoxo

  5. I've had migranes for years, to the point where I get sick from the nausea. One of the only things that helps me is to take motrin at the first sign of a headache and if that doesnt help, go to bed in a very dark room.

    And I agree, decorations shouldn't come down just yet.



  6. hi leslie! i also suffer from migraines. when they first got bad in college, i had a head ct scan done to rule out anything scary. since then, i've tried a couple different prophylactic meds, but now all i use is imitrex when i get a headache. i still get bad ones every couple of months where i actually have to go get a shot to get rid of them. (boo!)

    i would DEFINITELY start by going to your regular doc. i'm a family medicine resident (6 mos. left till i'm done!) and your pcp should go through some possible triggers (food, alcohol, weather, birth control pills, etc). you can try some rx meds as needed first then maybe see a neurologist or acupuncturist or whatever they're comfortable with.

    hope that helps!

    ps. i leave my christmas decorations up till at least the epiphany (jan 6), but usually they're up a little longer than that!

  7. Two things:

    First, READ THE HUNGER GAMES! They are soooo good. Best books I've read in a looong time and they are easy reads. I read all 3 of them in like 2 weeks.

    Second, I too suffered from migraines. I have two fixes. One was a prescrip for Migrazone. I use that when they are really bad. But the best advice I ever got from a doctor was the 90% of headaches (migraines included) are from chronic dehydration. A year and a half ago, I committed to drinking 90+ ounces of water (plain water...not counting tea, soda, coffee, or water at the gym as my body uses that right up) and I haven't had a migraine in over a year! Drink that water!

  8. Amen re: Sherlock Holmes - SO good! And you definitely should read Hunger Games. I started the first book on a Monday and had finished the whole series by the next Monday. You won't be able to put them down! :)

  9. I, too, get migraines. I have seen both a regular doc and a neuro and I really liked the approach that the neuro took. He offered me several non RX things to do along with imitrex for emergencies, I don't like taking it because it makes me feel gross and I usually get a rebound headache.

    He had me taking daily magnesium and B2 supplements. I also kept a food diary to see if there were patterns in my diet - and there were. I can't do raw nuts, raw onions, and a few other randoms.

    Since you are getting them monthly, they may also switch up your birth control (I don't know if you are on the pill or what) because the frequency sounds suspiciously like a hormonal reaction.

    Whatever the case, I hope you figure it out - migraines are THE WORST.

  10. Your comments make me laugh. I love reading your blog! Yes, definitely read the Hunger Games. They suck you in so fast.

    I'm a nurse and would recommend seeing your general physician first. But if you don't get results keep pushing. My mom has suffered from migraines for years, and I wish that she would push MDs more because hers were once a month unrelated to caffeine, lack of water, etc.

  11. Your hair looks gorgeous styled that way, I am sure I'd be a hot mess trying to do that with a blow dryer. On the topic of migraines, I suffer from them as well. I went to my general physician who didn't give me much advice other than watch my caffeine intake and take Aleve instead of Excedrin.

  12. Hey girl! Love your blog!

    I also recommend checking any current medications/supplements you've been taking as well (since you noticed the headaches). As an acupuncture student, I see patients that come in with health issues, and sometimes it's a side effect of a medication(s).

    I use to get migraines/headaches for 11 years (ages 18 mos. to 12)!!! Literally, I would get one EVERYDAY! After allergy tests, head scans, diets and prescription meds, nothing helped the root of the problem (pain would go away, allowing me to go to school and function, but the headache would come back a day or two later).

    I ended up going to a chiropractor and a homeopathic doctor. I was headache free for 15 years! I get them occasionally, but they aren't nearly as bad or as often. I get regular acupuncture treatments now, both for headaches and stress; it seems to help.

  13. The Hunger Games are AMAZING!!! I got the series as a Christmas present and already finished reading all 3 books. Highly recommend!

  14. Sometimes caffeine will help a migrane - coffee or tea :)

    The trailer for Hunger Games looked good - but so intense! I feel like I'd be crying the whole time!

  15. I started getting migraines my sophomore year of college and i'm pretty sure mine are due to stress because I usually get them around exam time or when i'm super busy. My mom is a nurse and says all of her patients and doctors swear by Excedrin. I use the maximum strength and lie down for about 30 min and the migraine is gone. I strongly recommend it!

  16. I used to have a headache every day. Not to the point where I had to go to bed, but a headache none the less. I went to my primary care doc and her referred me to a nuro. The N doc said that they were migraines and put me on meds every day. The daily headaches went away and now I just get them about once a month (hormones) but I'm not on daily meds anymore...just have pills for when I get one. I would def suggest going to see someone about it. It is AWFUL to have a migraine and there are so many great things that can help. Also, alot of Nuro docs require a referal from your primary care doc.

  17. Completely agree with your advice on cleanes! I always advise against them too :) They are awful for your body in the long run.

    I also suffer from terrible migraines as well as minor daily headaches (yuck!). My family doctor recently told me they're attributed to stress, lack of water, & grinding my teeth. Apparently I grind away in my sleep!

  18. Just a few thoughts, girlfriend...

    1) Your teeth are SO white and gorgeous! For reals!

    2) You are seriously teeny tiny! That black/brown pic is adorable

    3) I get major migrains and have for years. I recommend going to your general practice family physician... neuros are twice as expensive!

    My migraines are chronic stress or hormone induced. I generally get one once a month around girl time, but I love my Maxalt Rx. It does wonders in no time and it's justa small disolvable tablet!

    Have a great day off! :)

  19. Not that everything else in this post isn't significant but..

    Read the Hunger Games. I turned my nose up at the books (without knowing anything about them) until I saw the trailer. Then I picked them up and read all 3...in 3 days. Couldn't put them down. Might I suggest starting on the weekend so as not to interfere with work.

  20. love that beautiful ring! Happy New Year!

  21. Loving your randoms as always! The hubs was having migraines as well and his doc attributed it to spikes in blood pressure. They put him on meds and it's helped a lot! Hope you get rid of those soon!

  22. Random is always good! Thanks for pulling for the Dawgs...poor things. I was super sad as well as the rest of the bulldawg nation! There's always next year! Love the ring, love the table and love the hair. Jealous that your hair curls..mine curls, laughs at me, then proceeds to go straight as a board. (unfortunately, not light as a feather tho) I get migraines occasionally and they put me down for a count too! I would maybe get some strong meds from your doctor and cut out stress if you have any, thats a def cause!

    Enjoy your day and your spray tan!

  23. Hey!

    I have bad migraines and I take Topamax and it helps a lot.

  24. i use CM cream, email me if you like to know more about it, terrigrothe@gmail.com :)

  25. I love your hair in these pics :)

  26. So you have already gotten a ton of responses about migraines but I guess I'll still give my two cents.

    1. most likely you're getting what is called an "optical migraine" - I get them too and they are terrible and my neuro explains them as "stroke like" because they come with the same symptoms.

    2. I went to my family doc first and then was referred to a neuro and got an MRI to rule out anything crazy. I highly suggest doing that for peace of mind and neuros can give you the drugs to nip it in the bud (I take relpax)

    3. My optical migraines are also hormonal and I actaully got two in one month a few months ago due to switching my BC... have you switched yours lately?

    I honestly think migraines are completely debilitating so I am all for meds - but if you arent down with that sounds like you've gotten great suggestions for alternatives

    Good luck girl!!

  27. My husband gets them. Immotrex usually helps him (don't know if I spelled that right). It must be doctor prescribed. I've also heard there is a shot you can get. I've never had 'em but they sound awful. Love the new hair curling do!!

  28. Longtime blog reader but rare commenter - hope you're enjoying your time off! Just a note about migraines - I'm also a longtime migraine sufferer. I'd see a neuro if I were you and let him/her know what is going on and they may prescribe you a preventative as well as something to take when you get a migraine. I'm on both and have found that the frequency has dropped from weekly (sometimes biweekly) to once or twice a month. I tried everything - increasing fluids, eliminating caffeine, keeping a journal of what I ate in case there was a trigger but there isn't a cause for my migraines. I'm so thankful for my neuro since he really helped me get my migraines under control - it's been five years now of being in relative control of my migraines. Best of luck as you decide what to do!

  29. ok love the way your scarf is tied which tying way is that


  30. I had migraines with about the same frequency (one or two per year) when I was a teenager and then they became more frequent during college. I recommend seeing a general practitioner first. If they can't prescribe something or want you to get further checked out, they'll refer you. Some specialists won't see you without a referral and some insurance companies won't pay for it if you don't have a referral.

    My Christmas decorations aren't down either - I'm aiming for Thursday! And spray tans during the winter are a must for me as well!

  31. Topamax. Saved my life. Good luck. And, I'd say general practitioner.

  32. You should definitely go to the Dr and describe your symptoms. I did and I take Maxalt when I get migraines. I feel so much better!
    Also, I still have my decorations up! This time of year makes me sad, so I'm in no hurry to take them down :).

  33. Girl you gotta link your post that you posted TODAY up with my RING link up!!!! Fits right in!!!!

  34. First - The Hunger Game series definitly reminded me of 1984. It was so, so good! Absolutely loved it!

    Second - I get about 15/20 migraines a month. In my opinion, your gp is just going to send you to a nuero, but he might be able to help you figure out some triggers. I take Topamax everyday to help ward them off and lessen the intensity, but it sounds like you just need something like Imitrex or Frova to take when they happen. Since you're getting them once a month, they're probably hormone related.

  35. My migraines are hormone, food and weather-related -- changes in barometric pressure when a front moves in really do me in! You should track when you geet them -- weather, food, etc. to determine any patterns, whether or not they're ones you can control or not. Mine got worse when I turned 30. My mom suffered from them, too, except for the nine months she was pregnant with me.
    First, find a GP that actually believes migraines are real! I went to one that thought they were "just a woman thing". I did a CT scan too, just to ease my mind. I take a low dose of topamax daily to prevent them, which helps a lot with frequency and intensity. I take Maxalt when I get one. It's fast-acting, and always works, but may not last all day. Frova is long-lasting, so I usually take one of those a few hours later.
    Mine always hurt in the same spot on my right eye. An ice pack on the base of my skull helps, too. The muscles at the base of your skull go over the top of your head to your eye. Sounds weird, but it works. If you touch those muscles on your neck during a migraine, they will hurt.
    I'm so sorry you suffer from these, too. Hope you get them under control!

  36. I'm a new follower and first? I'm insanely jealous of your hair. So pretty and holds curl so well! Mine, not so much.

    Second, read the Hunger Games. Well. Worth. It. I couldn't put them down.

  37. You have to read Hunger Games ASAP. SO amazing!

  38. Definitely read The Hunger Games - you won't regret it!!!

  39. You should try going to a chiropractor first. They could help relieve some of your pain!

  40. I have migraines too. Mine are generally allergy and womanly time induced, but my primary care doctor gave me meds to take at the moment you first get one, and I've never had to take one because they've subsided. You know how it is, if you have stuff for it you never use it and if you don't, you need it. Definitely go to your primary doctor though, because he/she might be able to pinpoint for you if there are any specific things causing them (caffeine, food, womanly issues, allergies, etc), so that you can avoid things if necessary. Good luck!

  41. I never had a migraine a day in my life until after my mom passed away. And then every Thursday for over a year I would get a headache (and a few that would turn into a migraine or what I thought was the worse pain in my life). I went to my Internist first and she recommended an MRI to rule out the scary. My MRI came back with these little dots in the gray matter. My internist thought it'd be a really good idea to go to a Neuro. I went and it was determined that I was having silent migraines (headaches but not full on migraines all the time due to my lack of typical migraine symptoms). He asked me what kind of routine I wanted...either a preventative or something to take when I experienced a headache. I opted for the latter as I'm not big on medication. He prescribed Axert (which has a tryptophan in it...found in milk and turkey). You take one at the onset and if it doesn't go away within 30 min, you take a 2nd dose. He gave me some other samples (Maxalt) and those just made me feel weird. I finally was able to break out of the cycle of headaches and now very rarely do I get one. My non-migraine headaches are always due to dehydration or not eating on time. Like most of the others said, start with your regular doctor and see what they recommend first. There were some really good suggestions. (PS...my mom experienced migraines from middle school till the day she passed away...the only thing that ever helped her was botox treatments every 3 months around her hair line...and it was paid by her insurance company).

  42. Just stumbled upon your blog, I'm a hop skip and jump from you out on Beaver Lake! Loved the recap of your wedding, beautiful! Sorry to hear you are suffering with migraines. My daughter does too but takes a prescription that kicks their butt! I will ask Stephanie the name of it, you definately should go back to the dr. since it's been so long. Migraines run in families, my Mom suffered for years and I guess it skipped me and landed on my daughter :-( Come visit me @ http://grannymountain.blogspot.com
    it's what the locals call the mountain out here!

  43. That sucks about the migraines! I get them all the time too - I would definitely recommend going to your doctor first. My doctor told me to keep a migraine journal - describe the weather conditions (allergies), how much sleep you got, what you ate, how much water you drank, etc... maybe you'll start to see a pattern and see the cause of the migraines.

    My go-to medicine is Excedrin Migraine. It's pretty much the same as Excedrin Extra Strength but it has caffeine and it's the ONLY thing that cures me of migraines.

    Good luck! Hope you get to feeling better :)

  44. I've had wicked migraines since I was about 12 too. I have seen neuros and tried many different meds. I am currently on Topamax (I take it twice daily) as a preventative med and when I get a migraine I take 800mg Motrin (I suppose you get do this OTC, I have an RX for it). It works 3 fold: It's an anti-inflammatory so it helps with the pain/light sensitivity; It's a vasodilator - it helps open blood vessels (gets rid of that my head has a heartbeat feeling); It's non-narcotic, so no nasty side effects. I haven't had any success with imitrex and similar meds - I seem to end up with all the bad side effects.

    Hope this helps!


  45. I can't believe you did your hair with just a roundbrush--it looks fantastic!! I am horrible with the roundbrush...yeah. I hope you're able to get some relief from your migraines. I get them from time to time and they are awful :(


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