Off the Cuff

via Sarah Klassen

Cuffs. The new bangles. The "arm party" look is still thriving, but lots of designers and style mavens are cleaning things up with less clutter and more, well, cuff.

The cuff is definitely a statement piece and can overpower a look if you don't style it carefully. But worn correctly, it's oh-my-lordy-be fantastic! Celebs like the Victoria's Secret model below have been seen sporting cuffs this month, so naturally, they're selling out online and in stores like crazy.

I happen to lurve all of the cuffs below. Now if I can just convince Stephen that I need all of these ASAP, haha....

1// 2// 3// 4// 5// 6

What do you think about the cuff? Are you loving it as much as bangles? Do you like the cleaner, yet edgier look of the cuff? Spill it!

P.S.- There will be NO Confessional Friday tomorrow...sorry guys!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I like cuffs a lot! Although I like wearing a variety of bracelets at once, sometimes I like the simplicity of just one cuff! The ones you picked are all so pretty.

  2. Loving the cuffs! My favorite new trend. And isn't that Alessandra not Adrianna? Could be wrong.

  3. Oohhh, my favorites are the feather one and #5. I've always been a bracelet person, rather than necklace/earrings/rings ... though I'm not exactly opposed to those either. :)

  4. I like them. I tend to be uncomfortable in chunky jewelry even though I really like the way it looks on others and want to wear it myself.

  5. I love cuffs SO much more than millions of bangels! I want a hammered gold cuff for sure this spring :)

  6. I'm not really an accessories girl...but if I was, I would be all over this!


  7. I love them on other people, but not myself. My arms are too short and my hands are too short and stubby! ha!

    I'm sure they'll look lovely on you, though!

  8. Love number four! Gold has my heart though. I can't seem to get away from it! Ever!

  9. I LOVE cuffs! My favorite is one my mom had made for me. She took old gold jewelry ie: her high school class ring, a necklace my dad had given her when they were dating that had broken, an earring (she lost the other) etc... and had it all melted down and made into a hammered gold cuff. Other than my engagement ring, it's one of my most special and loved jewelry pieces.

  10. I am becoming an amazing fan of cuffs... I got a great silver one for Christmas that is quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces!

  11. Loving the cuffs right now! It's the perfect thing to jazz up an otherwise plain outfit.

  12. Love that feather cuff!

    - Sara @ Gameday Stylist


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